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18.07-22.07 Store in Lappeenranta is not working

MyGoodKnife store in Lappeenranta is not working 18.07-22.07. Will be open as usual since 23.07. Store in Helsinki will be open as usual Mo-Fri 10-17. Web-shop works 24\7 and orders will be shiped as usual from Helsinki and on 23.07 from Lappeenranta. 

Special project of MyGoodKnife and Cathill Knives

Mr. Henri Laari (CATHILL KNIVES) is a famous blacksmith from Finnish town Savitaipale. Our neighbour and old friend. Today we started special project – special knife for Lemi (#Lem1) (Capital of Metal festival). Roles in project are simple : Henri will make knife. We are make video about. More details will be later. Follow our news! See you at Capital of Metal festival. *Buy unique handmade Finnish Cathill knives at our store you can HERE  

Shipping time inside EU

Dear customers! We updated shipping time inside EU from 3-5 days to 3-9 working days. This is due to the fact that in distant from Finland EU countries parcel may go a little longer. In most cases, customers also receive parcels 3-5 days after order. Remember, that shipping is free for orders over 100 euro.

Machetes in MyGoodKnife store!

We upgrated our range and now you can buy machete in MyGoodKnife online-shop! Machete knives have a reputation throughout the world for being strong, sharp and extremely durable. In much of the world, machetes are a part of daily life. The tool is extremely versatile, as it can act as both a knife and an ax. The machete blade is used for cutting, while the weighted upper blade provides force for chopping. Most machetes range from 10 inches to 28 inches, with 18 inches being the most common length. Smaller blades have less reach, but are more portable. Long blades are harder to transport, but are able to clear larger areas in less time. Machetes come in all shapes and sizes. Throughout its long history across the many rural areas of the world, the machete has evolved many styles, features and adaptations for specific uses and environments. Some manufacturers make a machete stylized to other weapons like swords. So, for ex. very popular model Cold Steel Tactical Katana Machete, which, as the name implies, looks like a Japanese katana. You can buy machete at our online-shop HERE. We ship knives and machetes worldwide.

BBQ sets and knives for sale!

The season of grilling and barbecue has begun! Now you can buy grill sets, meat knives, skewers, aprons and other barbecue products at discount prices! In our range there is a good choice of BBQ products of Tramontina Churrasco. For example, grill set includes a cutting Board, a knife and a roast fork would be a great gift, and will be useful both at home and at outdoor picnic! Check our SALE section and shop for grill and barbecue items! *All the knives and accessories of Tramontina, which you can buy in MyGoodKnife are made in Brazil. Our store is the official distributor of Tramontina.

Marttiini Unique knife

Famous Finnish knife manufacture Marttiini began to produce new series: Marttiini Unique. Every Unique by Marttiini knife is a one of a kind. Unique knives are manufactured at the Marttiini factory in Rovaniemi, Finland, right on the Arctic Circle. They represent the beauty and toughness of the North. These Unique by Marttiini knives are some of the most prestigious knives Marttiini have ever made. These knives are designed to be elegant and beautiful collector’s items. Skilled professionals have made this knife using exclusive materials selected solely for this knife. At Marttiini, they have a long history with traditional materials from Finland, such as curly birch and reindeer antler bone. On these Unique knives, Marttiini combines these traditional materials in various ways to create a special design for each Unique knife. The Damascus blade of Marttiini Unique knife is made by combining two different types of steel in thin layers. The blade has 120 steel layers that have been welded together under extreme pressure and heat. The result is a beautifully patterned, stainless and very hard blade (HRC 60) that stays sharp even in extended use. Handle of Marttiini Unique knife is made of curly birch, ferrule – of reindeer antler […]

Marttiini Fox Annual Knife 2019 at stock

New Marttiini Fox Annual Knife 2019 now you can buy at MyGoodKnife. The handle of our new Marttiini annual knife is a mixture of cork and rubber. The result is an extremely handy knife with a splash of traditions. In the graphics of the Marttiini Fox, the wise fox adventures in the home lands of Marttiini. Marttiini also included Ounasvaara, flowing river landscape and the Northern Lights in the design. Marttiini Fox Annual Knife 2019 has 13 lenght blade made of stainless steel. Like all Marttiini Annual knives, this is limited edition. So hurry up!

Easter holidays

Please, pay your attention, that MyGoodKnife (like other Finnish shops)  has Easter Holidays Fri 19.04 – Mon 22.04.  Our stores in Lappeenranta and Helsinki will be closed on those days. Online-shop is working for you 24/7 without holidays, but next shipping will be 23.04. Happy Easter!  

Ahti knives

Ahti knives are back to stock! At MyGoodKnife you can buy whole range of Ahti knives. These Finnish “puukkos” will meet your needs for a utility knife, hunting knife, bushcraft knife, or general uses while you are enjoying the outdoors. Ahti puukko knives are handmade by well-known knife-maker, Reino Kamppila in Finnish town Kauhava. Name of brand “Ahti” – is the name of a Finnish mythological god. All Ahti blades are manufactured by the Finnish company Lauri Metalli. Most models are made of carbon steel (Carbon specs are: HRC 59, CO-83, Mn-0.57, VO-20, Cr-0.60). Some Ahti knives models (marked RST) have stainless steel blades (Stainless specs are: HRC 57, CO-479, SI-0.37, Mn-0.38, Ni-0.09, Cr-14.53, Mo-0.51, PO-0.19). Handles of Ahti knives are made from curly birch and stained a dark brown color. Handles of stainless blade knives are left the natural color. Ahti sheaths are made from vegetable tanned cow leather. Shop for Ahti knives at MyGoodKnife! We offer free worldwide shipping for orders over 100 euro.

Spice mills at MyGoodKnife!

We continue to expand our range. Now at Mygoodknife store you can buy not only knives, but also various kitchen accessories. So, now  there are salt, pepper and spice mills of the german manufacturer AdHoc. AdHoc makes best salt-, pepper- and spice mills. Owner Frank Kaltenbach and the AdHoc team have been developing, designing and producing according to this principle since the founding of the company in 1995. Inspired by the classic design principle “design follows function” products with a good deal “more” are created for kitchen and dining culture: more solid functionality, more beauty, more quality – more value. Because AdHoc products are thought through down to the smallest detail, fascinate with their straightforward elegance and are simply a pleasure. AdHoc’s pretension is to develop innovative lifestyle products for kitchen and table top which combine highest standards in function, aesthetics and quality. AdHoc spice mills you can buy HERE.