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Cold Steel knives for sale!

February 16, 2018

Only in nearest 2 weeks MyGoodKnife store has discounted prices on Cold Steel knives! Cold Steel Incorporated was founded in 1980, a company dedicated to making the strongest, sharpest knives in the world. Over the last three decades, Cold Steel has been at the forefront of the many innovations that have helped to define the knife industry as a whole. Progressive accomplishment, including the introduction of the checked Kraton® handles, and the tanto point blade styles have gone from curiously interesting features to industry-wide hallmarks of quality and sophistication. New ground was also broken by Cold Steel with the introduction of unique new blade steels like San Mai III® and Tri-Ad™ Lock & locking mechanism for folding knives. Tri-Ad™ Lock for example, has never been equaled by any of Cold Steel’s competitors and nothing they have produced yet has been proven to outperform it. Don’t miss the February SALE!

Extrema Ratio knives for sale!

February 1, 2018

Only in February MyGoodKnife store has discounted prices on famous Extrema Ratio Knives Division! Extrema Ratio located in Prato, Italy, has been designing, manufacturing and selling high performance combat knives since 1997 enjoying a reputation for excellence that is unsurpassed in the military and tactical knife industry. Extrema Ratio serves military and law enforcement communities as well as commercial markets and the knives are well known and sought after all over the globe. Each knife that is manufactured at Extrema Ratio has measured up to the Company rigorous standards for quality and performance. The knives are the result of painstaking research and development.  Extrema Ratio knives represent a real, solid value for the money. Don’t miss the February SALE!

Zwilling Miyabi

January 24, 2018

New beautiful, high quality Miyabi knives at our stock! Experience the beauty of sharpness with the MIYABI 4000FC series. The blade is made from a single layer of FC61 steel, a proven material in terms of hardness (HRC 61) and durability. Comfortable Pakka wood octagonal handle.   Miaybi 5000FCD  blades are formed by 49 layers of steel with a Rockwell hardness of approximately 61. The black Pakka Wood handle is wonderfully balanced and features a steel end cap with decorative pin and ring. Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand with good design. The knives in the Miaybi 6000MCT range look incomparably good – and their functional features impress professionals and enthusiastic amateur cooks alike. One reason is because the blade and handle match each other perfectly, thereby forming a single harmonious unit. The exquisite hammered blade finishing rounds of the elegant oriental design.   Miyabi knives embody the beauty of sharpness and follow in the tradition of the famous Japanese swords.

Ahti knives

January 17, 2018

Finnish knives Ahti are available again! Your favorite Ahti Metsä, Tikka, Juhla etc. Also new models at our stock: Kaato, Vaara, Kaira and other. Ahti are handmade knives from Finnish town Kauhava. Blacksmith Reino Kamppila and his family are making Ahti knives for a lot of years. Each Ahti knife is an individual and handcrafted. Handles are made from curly birch. The blades are made from high-quality vanadium-carbon steel (CO-479, SI-0.37, Mn-0.38, Ni-0.09, Cr-14.53, Mo-0.51, PO-0.19). High quality and finnish traditions making Ahti knives popular all over the world.  

Christmas timetable

December 20, 2017

Please, pay your attention to our timetable on Christmas and New Year holidays. Till 23.12 – usual timetable (Mo-Fri 10-17); 23.12 – 26.12 – closed; 27.12 – 29.12 – usual timetable (Mo-Fri 10-17); Store in Lappeenranta on vacation 30.12 – 7.01; Store in Helsinki is closed 30.12 – 01.01. Since 02.01 – usual timetable.   If you make online order on days 02.01 – 07.01, please, pay your attention, where item is located: in stock of Lappeenranta or in stock of Helsinki: If knife located only in Lappeenranta, order will be shipped 08.01! If also in Helsinki – on the day of order. Merry Christmas and happy New year!

CRKT knives for Sale!

December 19, 2017

This week in MyGoodKnife store discounted prices on favorite folders CRKT! Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT), a Tualatin, Oregon-based manufacturer of knives, tools, and accessories was founded by Rod Bremer in 1994. CRKT offers a broad line of sport, work, and professional knives and tools that are purpose driven designs. The most innovative custom knife makers and designers in the industry have created their knives, tools and accessories. The result is that the hottest custom designs are available to the consumer for daily use at affordable prices. All CRKT knives and tools are built incorporating the most advanced equipment and production systems available. Special prices for CRKT knives are available only till 31.12! Every week we have new big SALE!

Nesmuk knives for sale!

December 7, 2017

Only now – 7-18 of December MyGoodKnife store has discounted prices on best chef knives in the world – Nesmuk knives! Nesmuk Janus series knives are made of high-performance steel with niobium content refined with a high-quality DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating that offers extraordinary cutting performance and toughness. The Nesmuk SOUL’s series blade design, outstanding cutting performance and balance between sharpness and useful life perfectly reflects the “essence” of this type of knife. The blade made of rust-proof high performance steel containing niobium for excellent edge retention and strength, as well as a very fine cutting edge and sharpening angle. SOUL knives guarantee optimum quality and workmanship. The Nesmuk EXKLUSIV series with cutting edge is a masterpiece that is hand-crafted at forge by Nesmuk bladesmiths. It takes focused concentration over a period of many hours and, in some cases, days to produce the very fine black cutting edge in the best carbon steel below the wild Damascus. The Nesmuk EXKLUSIV with cutting edge has a Rockwell hardness of 64–65. The Nesmuk EXKLUSIV Full Damascus consists of up to 480 layers of selected carbon steel. It is distinguished by its double-sided hollow-ground blade with the finest cutting edge, an elegant wild […]

Roselli knives

December 1, 2017

Your favorite Roselli knives are at stock again! Bladesmith Heimo Roselli refuses to build anything non-functional into his knives. Functionality is given priority. Each knife is the embodiment of Northland design – a simple, unique and stylishly shaped worktool. Roselli’s uncompromising selection of raw materials is reflected in superior blades of carbon steel, wood handles and leather sheath. Roselli knives are easy to sharpen and made to serve their owner for a long time. There are hunting and kitchen Roselli knives in our range. Roselli’s Ultra High Carbon steel (UHC) has a carbon content of 1.5-2.0% and is manufactured using secret method that required years of research and development. The exceptional cutting power of UHC steel comes from it’s carbides and a hardness of 64-66 HRC. When used in normal whittling, cutting or skinning work, UHC steel  fares excellently and stays sharp twice longer then other more traditional knife steels.  

Guardian Tactical knives

November 22, 2017

Famous Guardian Tactical knives are at stock! Guardian Tactical USA specializes in the design and development of tactical knives. All Guardian Tactical USA knives are manufactured in our state of the art facility by the best skilled machinists and assembly technicians in the industry while employing their award winning critical tolerance testing verification and project completion process. Their quality of manufacturing and world craftsmanship combined with the latest advancements in CNC technology has set the standard for all companies to follow as Guardian Tactical continue to strive for excellence in their industry.

Zero Tolerance knives for sale!

November 19, 2017

Only 19-26 of November  MyGoodKnife store has discounted prices on famous Zero Tolerance knives! Zero Tolerance is a brand of Kai USA Ltd. The ZT brand first made its appearance in 2006. The initial products were combat knives, but since that time, the line has expanded to include a variety of general use and premium knives. From larger and heavier outdoor knives to slimmer and lighter every day carrying knives that are built to ZT’s high-performance standards, Zero Tolerance knives always provide knife owners with top-of-the-line quality. Zero Tolerance knives are manufactured of premium materials such as S30V, S35VN, or CTS-204P blade steel and G-10, titanium, and carbon-fiber handle scales. Operation is conspicuously smooth and ZT fit and finish is second to none. All ZTs are built in our Tualatin, Oregon USA manufacturing facility by our most skilled workers. Special extra-low prices for Zero Tolerance knives in MyGoodKnife store are available only one week! Every week we have new big SALE!