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Byrd folding knives at MyGoodKnife

Byrd folding knives available at our online-shop. Byrd Knives are a new species of knives and pocket tools designed, produced and imported by Spyderco. Byrds stand as an independent product line from Spyderco’ well-known CLIPIT line. They present the astute knife buyer numerous hard-working knife and tool options at an economical cost. They are designed and manufactured under the premise that: “Dependability shouldn’t depend on your budget.” Byrd knives feature 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blades. 8Cr13MoV blade steel is similar to AUS-8 in its properties and performance. It contains both molybdenum and vanadium and has .8% carbon content. Molybdenum enhances the strength and hardness of the steel, vanadium its wear resistance and toughness. Carbon augments the steel’s tensile strength, ensuring a tough, hard steel with good abrasion resistance. Resulting from this recipe is blade steel that retains a sharp cutting edge for extended time and use. The comet shaped opening hole is a Byrd knife and synonymous with the stringent quality requirements, high performance materials and manufacturing standards invested in each individual knife.

CRKT M16 Folding knives

Different CRKT M16 folding knives you can buy at MyGoodKnife-shop. CRKT M16 folding knives are designed by Kit Carson and named one of the Top 10 Tactical Folders of the Decade by Blade Magazine. CRKT M16 comes in a variety of sizes suitable for EDC all the way up to Tactical applications. The M16 series has the Carson flipper for easy opening with the flick of the wrist. CRKT has offered the M16 in a variety of different blade steels over the years, blades are configured in a spear point or tanto point. CRKT M16 are special knives, designed by the military for special forces use. But for many years a lot of people prefer it as strong, reliable and convenient EDC knife.

Ka-Bar knives at our online-shop

A lot of Ka-Bar knives now you can buy at MyGoodKnife-store. KA-BAR Knives, Inc., is an internationally recognized cutlery company located in Olean, New York. Ka-Bar Knives manufactures the world-famous KA-BAR USMC Fighting/Utility Knives, along with many other fine knives for outdoorsmen, hunters, fishermen and knife collectors. KA-BAR makes knives since 1898 and each knife undergoes our unique manufacturing processes and testing to ensure corrosion resistance, strength, edge holding ability, and an out-of-the-box razor sharp cutting edge. On December 9, 1942, after the start of World War II, Ka-Bar submitted a knife to the United States Marine Corps in hopes that it would become general issue to that branch of the military. Working with the Marine Quartermaster Department the original design was revised and production began of an improved fighting and utility knife for the Marines. As the War escalated, the USMC KA-BAR knives became so well recognized for their quality and so abundant in number that “Kabar” became the name by which many referred to this knife pattern, regardless of whether the knife was manufactured at the actual KA-BAR facility. The USMC KA-BAR was adopted by not only the Marines, but also the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Underwater […]

Shop of Lappeenranta has vacation

Please, pay your attention, that MyGoodKnife shop in  Lappeenranta has vacation 01.01.19-10.01.19 If you make online order on days 02.01 – 08.01, please check, where item is located: in stock of Lappeenranta or in stock of Helsinki: If knife located only in Lappeenranta, order will be shipped 08.01! If also in Helsinki – on the day of order. Store in Helsinki is open as usual. Happy New year!

Extrema Ratio knives at discount prices

Only till 11.01.19 you can buy Extrema Ratio knives at discount prices! Extrema Ratio located in Prato, Italy, has been designing, manufacturing and selling high performance combat knives since 1997 enjoying a reputation for excellence that is unsurpassed in the military and tactical knife industry. Extrema Ratio serves military and law enforcement communities as well as commercial markets and the knives are well known and sought after all over the globe. Each knife that is manufactured at Extrema Ratio has measured up to the Company rigorous standards for quality and performance. The knives are the result of painstaking research and development.  Extrema Ratioknives represent a real, solid value for the money. Don’t miss the Christmas SALE! *Special prices are available only in web-shop! Discounted prices do not apply to stores in Helsinki and Lappeenranta.

Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun

New! Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun kitchen knives at stock! The Zuiun is a special model manufactured to celebrate the company’s centennial. Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun knives have blades with a wavy “hamon” pattern similar to Japanese swords. In its current incarnation, Seki Kanetsugu Cutlery has been making modern blades that realize the characteristics of Japanese swords-unbreakable, unbending and very sharp. The company also infused the Zuiun with the spirit of such swords. The blade is made of Damascus steel that uses powdered stainless steel SPG2 for the core material. Finely sharpened by artisans, the surface of the blade features a scudding cloud-like pattern. It is also forged into a V-shaped “hamaguri-ba” clam blade, reflecting a characteristic of Japanese swords. Seki Kanetsugu Cutlery is the kitchen knife manufacturer established in 1918. Since Jowa era (1345-1349), the time of founder Kanetsugu, they have passed the tradition of Japanese samurai sword down from generation to generation. Nowadays they bring this tradition to their kitchen knives, and are beloved not only in Japan but also throughout the world. Knives are produced bringing the sharpness of Japanese samurai sword to modern chef knives by creating a collaboration of high technology and traditional skill. Manufacturer hopes that Seki […]

Christmas timetable

Please, pay your attention to our timetable on Christmas and New Year holidays. 24.12 – 26.12 – closed; 27.12 – 28.12 – usual timetable (Mo-Fri 10-17); Store in Lappeenranta is open 11-15 on Saturdays 22.12 ja 29.12. On vacation 31.12 – 10.01; Store in Helsinki is closed 31.12 – 01.01. Since 02.01 – usual timetable.   If you make online order on days 02.01 – 10.01, please, pay your attention, where item is located: in stock of Lappeenranta or in stock of Helsinki: If knife located only in Lappeenranta, order will be shipped 08.01! If also in Helsinki – on the day of order. Merry Christmas and happy New year!

BLACK FRIDAY at MyGoodKnife!

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. 23.11-25.11 MyGoodKnife offers lowest prices of the year during Black Weekend 2018! The best Black Friday deals  available on special page: BLACK FRIDAY Same prices will be active at our knife shops in Finland: Lappeenranta, Valtakatu 52 and Helsinki, Mahherheimintie 52. Born in the USA, Black Friday has become a global phenomenon with shoppers all around the world. The biggest discounts you can catch  23.11-25.11. Our special biggest discounts of the year will be active only during 23.11-25.11.  So do not miss Black Friday at MyGoodKnife!

Mcusta knives for sale!

Only till 13.11 Mcusta knives at discount prices in MyGoodKnife store! Shop for japanese kitchen knives and folding knives Mcusta at low prices! Mcusta Knives are made in Seki-City, Japan and are the pinnacle of this synthesis between traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern cutting edge technology. Mcusta knives blades are precision laser cut, and then carefully hand assembled, hand finished and inspected by Mcusta’s team of master craftsmen. The name the knife manufacturer – Mcusta – means Machine Custom Knives, which is exactly the product they produce. In MyGoodKnife store you can buy Mcusta famous japanese kitchen knives Classic, Aranami and Revolution. Also in our range you can find Mcusta folding knives – best gentelmen folders in the world. *Special prices are available only in web-shop! Discounted prices does not apply to stores in Helsinki and Lappeenranta

Nets Payment Solution

We are pleased to announce that we have started cooperation with Nets Payment Solution. Now all card payments in our online store will be processed through this provider. Handling billions of transactions annually, Nets is the best and most secure payment solution in Europe.

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