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Japanese handmade kitchen knives

August 25, 2017

Exclusive handmade Japanese kitchen knives now available at MyGoodKnife store! Aogami steel series (3 layers) by Yu Kurosaki. Yu Kurosaki is a talented blacksmiths well known in Japan by producing very unique hammered blade design. Every knife is handmade. MyGoodKnife presents 4 knife models: Petty knife, Nakiri, Santoku and Chef knife. Handles are made from rosewood. Sushi and sashimi knives handmade by Mr.Hideo Kitaoka also now at MyGoodKnife stores and in online-shop.  Hideo Kitaoka is a traditional craftsman, Sub chairman of Takefu Knife Village. 3-d generation of Kitaoka blacksmiths. Custom knives, forged in the heart of Japan. And incredible exclusive chef knives from Mr. Takeshi Saji ! Real masterpieces. Damascus VG-10, 61 layers. Handles – ebony wood with buffalo horn. Traditional forge-smith & Master craftsman, in 1992, he was officially certified as Dentoukougeishi, a “Traditional Master Craftsman”, by the Japanese “Ministry of International Trade & Industry”. There are only best Japanese knives in MyGoodknife-store !

Store in Lappeenranta is closed 10.08-13.08

August 9, 2017

Store in Lappeenranta is closed 10.08-13.08. Internet-shop and store in Helsinki  are working like usual. Welcome!

Rate and review

July 31, 2017

Now you can rate your favorite knife and wright a review at! Rate and help other customers to choose good knife!

Tojiro Logo

June 15, 2017

Our partners Tojiro Co.,Ltd informing that from June 1st, new logo to be printed on the newly manufactured knives. However Tojiro still has quite many inventory on some items with old logo. So that during the next few months, it will be the transition period and you may receive some items with new logo and others with old logo.


June 5, 2017

Now popular Buck knives and Tramontina BBQ and grill great items are on sale! Welcome to our SALE section! Also available special offers for other super knives. Don’t miss opportunity to buy knives with big discount!

Kitchen cleavers

May 30, 2017

Now there are new kitchen and bucther’s cleavers in our range. You can find light Houswife cleavers for women: And different types of butcher cleavers. Weight up to 1 kg:   The biggest part of cleavers are made by Spanish Martinez&Gascon manufacture. High quality Molibden-Vanadium steel and hygienic POM handles.

MGK Helsinki will be open this Saturday

May 22, 2017

This week MGK Lappeenranta open Mon-Fri 10-17, MGK Helsinki – Mon-Fri 10-17 and Saturday 10-14. Welcome!:)

Timetable 18.05 – 21.05

May 17, 2017

This week store in Lappeenranta will be closed 18.05 and 19.05 (we have small vacation). Store in Helsinki open Mo-Fri 10-17 (Saturday closed).

MyGoodKnife Helsinki

May 11, 2017

Our store in Helsinki now is open!  Best kitchen knives, traditional finnish knives, folding and outdoor knives now are waiting for you  in the center of Helsinki.  Welcome to Mannerheimintie 52! Store located in the building near Crown Plaza Hotel (opposite of Helsinki Opera). Store is open Mo-Fri 10-17, and some Saturdays (please, follow our news). Tax free shopping is available.      

Easter holidays

April 10, 2017

We have Easter Holidays Fri 14.04 – Mon 17.04. Happy Easter!