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August 25, 2017

Exclusive handmade Japanese kitchen knives now available at MyGoodKnife store!
Aogami steel series (3 layers) by Yu Kurosaki. Yu Kurosaki is a talented blacksmiths well known in Japan by producing very unique hammered blade design. Every knife is handmade. MyGoodKnife presents 4 knife models: Petty knife, Nakiri, Santoku and Chef knife. Handles are made from rosewood.


Sushi and sashimi knives handmade by Mr.Hideo Kitaoka also now at MyGoodKnife stores and in online-shop.  Hideo Kitaoka is a traditional craftsman, Sub chairman of Takefu Knife Village. 3-d generation of Kitaoka blacksmiths. Custom knives, forged in the heart of Japan.


And incredible exclusive chef knives from Mr. Takeshi Saji ! Real masterpieces. Damascus VG-10, 61 layers. Handles – ebony wood with buffalo horn. Traditional forge-smith & Master craftsman, in 1992, he was officially certified as Dentoukougeishi, a “Traditional Master Craftsman”, by the Japanese “Ministry of International Trade & Industry”.


There are only best Japanese knives in MyGoodknife-store !