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News >> Japanese sushi knives – Tojiro MV 2Layered Series with Elastomer Handle

Best japanese knives for sushi now at stock! Tojiro presents MV 2Layered Series with Elastomer Handle. Tojiro have been hearing from a lot of customers who are not allowed to use traditional wooden handles at their workplace because hygiene control is adopted. That is why they decided to develop new Japanese-style knives with resin-handle as one of new challenges. The price for sushi knives Tojiro MV 2Layered Series with Elastomer Handle – is the most acceptable for japanese kitchen knives. Sushi-knives are available in 3 blade sizes: 21 cm, 24 cm and 27 cm.
As you know, iron is used for knives that are considered the sharpness is a top priority, however, it gets rust very easily. Professional chefs can take care of the knives everyday as their daily task, but it is very hard to avoid the rust even them. Now Tojiro really would like to reduce your worry except about cooking, which is their major concept to design this series. The blades that have more corrosion resistance reduce your time for daily care. You can use your time effectively to learn more skills or enjoy your personal time by using the saving time. Of course there is no compromise with the sharpness even if it is stainless steel. Designed considering Hygienic control, which is top priority, and the best for workplaces adopting HCCP supervision.
To complete the hygienic control, Tojiro employed resin handle molded with blade. Because there is no chink between the blade and handle, bacteria won’t propagate. The tactile grip of elastomeric handle and the sharp 2-layer molybdenum vanadium blade will support your work and HACCP system. So, MV 2Layered Series with Elastomer Handle is highly recommended for professional chefs.


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