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News >> Machetes in MyGoodKnife store!

We upgrated our range and now you can buy machete in MyGoodKnife online-shop!
Machete knives have a reputation throughout the world for being strong, sharp and extremely durable. In much of the world, machetes are a part of daily life. The tool is extremely versatile, as it can act as both a knife and an ax. The machete blade is used for cutting, while the weighted upper blade provides force for chopping.

Most machetes range from 10 inches to 28 inches, with 18 inches being the most common length. Smaller blades have less reach, but are more portable. Long blades are harder to transport, but are able to clear larger areas in less time. Machetes come in all shapes and sizes. Throughout its long history across the many rural areas of the world, the machete has evolved many styles, features and adaptations for specific uses and environments.
Some manufacturers make a machete stylized to other weapons like swords. So, for ex. very popular model Cold Steel Tactical Katana Machete, which, as the name implies, looks like a Japanese katana.

You can buy machete at our online-shop HERE. We ship knives and machetes worldwide.

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