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News >> Marttiini Unique knife

Famous Finnish knife manufacture Marttiini began to produce new series: Marttiini Unique. Every Unique by Marttiini knife is a one of a kind. Unique knives are manufactured at the Marttiini factory in Rovaniemi, Finland, right on the Arctic Circle. They represent the beauty and toughness of the North. These Unique by Marttiini knives are some of the most prestigious knives Marttiini have ever made. These knives are designed to be elegant and beautiful collector’s items. Skilled professionals have made this knife using exclusive materials selected solely for this knife. At Marttiini, they have a long history with traditional materials from Finland, such as curly birch and reindeer antler bone. On these Unique knives, Marttiini combines these traditional materials in various ways to create a special design for each Unique knife.

The Damascus blade of Marttiini Unique knife is made by combining two different types of steel in thin layers. The blade has 120 steel layers that have been welded together under extreme pressure and heat. The result is a beautifully patterned, stainless and very hard blade (HRC 60) that stays sharp even in extended use. Handle of Marttiini Unique knife is made of curly birch, ferrule – of reindeer antler bone. Knife goes in gift box with leather sheath. You can buy Marttiini Unique knife HERE.