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Kitchen knives Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu

High quality kitchen knives Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu now available. Chef knife 21 cm and Santoku are at stock. Winner of the 2016 Good Design Award, the Tanganryu series are for both professional chef and home cook, top line of Ryusen Hamono, having feature of hammered patterns. The mirror polished “Tsuchime” patterns are contrasted with the blasted Damascus patterns. The beautiful combination of whole hammered and layered pattern blade will make you enjoy cooking much more even by looking. The core of Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu blades is Cobalt VG-10 steel and 32-layered by stainless steel. Therefore the blade is super hard yet hard to get rust and the cutting edge is amazingly fine. The Rockwell hardness on these knives is around 60-62 HRC, for a durable edge. The handle is longer than the standard one, and is developed so that you can safely do fine slicing by holding it at the end closest to you, and you can also use it to chop by holding it in the middle. Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu kitchen knives are in beautiful black boxes. Ryusen Hamono was established in 1953 to produce kitchen knives in Fujiku, so-called “Echizen”, in Japan. The Echizen has around 700 year […]

Hand made Japanese kitchen knives by Shiro Kamo

Now at our store you can buy japanese kitchen knives made by Mr. Shiro Kamo. The smith Shiro Kamo crafts his blades in the Takefu Knife Village. This is a smithy cooperative that has upheld the tradition of sophisticated metalworking for almost 700 years. The individual Japanese kitchen knives are crafted by hand, using only the best materials. Shiro Kamo was born in 1958. In recognition of his outstanding work, the smith was awarded the title of »Master of the Traditional Craft« at the age of 45. A second generation blacksmith, Shiro Kamo has a deep passion for his craft and has a wide interest in history and teaches Japanese forging in Europe. Currently, Shiro Kamo is President of the Takefu Knife Village Association. In our store you can by three models of Shiro Kamo knives: santoku, chef’s knife with 21 cm blade and chef’s knife with 18 cm blade. These japanese kitchen knives are made of Aogami II steel (Blue paper steel). Aogami II is one of the greatest Japanese Carbon Steels. In addition to containing more Carbon, Chromium and Tungsten than Blue Steel No.1, it also includes Molybdenum. Traditional octagon handles of Shiro Kamo kitchen knives are made […]

Japanese kitchen knives by Hiroshi Kato

New! Japanese kitchen knives by Hiroshi Kato now available at our store. Hiroshi Kato is one the most respected blacksmiths in Japan. In 1935 Hiroshi Kato- father became independent from his Sensei. After finishing high school Hiroshi Kato began his apprenticeship under his father. It’s amazing that after over 50 years as a knife maker he’s still inspired by thinking of people cooking with his knives. He always considers balance when hammer the steel, keeping in mind where a knife needs to be thin and where it needs to be strong. Kato-san runs a very professional workshop and has even taken on great apprentices like Yu Kurosaki and Toru Tamura. Kato-San works at Takefu Knife Village co-operative. It’s amazing that after over 50 years as a knife maker he’s still inspired by thinking of people cooking with his knives. In our store you can buy 4 models of Hiroshi Kato knives: bunka, santoku and chef knives 18 and 21 cm. Blades of Hiroshi Kato’s knives are made of Aogami steel, cherywood handles. Black Packer Wood bolster. Hiroshi Kato kitchen knives are packed in brand boxes.

Japanese kitchen knives by Yu Kurosaki, Fujin series

Yu Kurosaki Fujin series kitchen knives not at stock. Yu Kurosaki Fujin series fearture Nickel Damascus-patterned blades with a core of VG-10 stainless steel for professional with a hardness of 60-61 HRC, which provides excellent rust resistance and a long-lasting edge as well as its beautifulness. The blade surface has Damascus and unique hammered FUJIN texture which causes an image of a Japanese god believed to control the wind. The handle of Fujin VG10 Damascus Series knives are made of Octagonal-shaped Rosewood with Honduras Wood Ferrule for beauty and durability.  Now you can buy Yu Kurosaki Fujin VG10 Damascus Series Santoku, Petty knife, Chef knives (18 and 21 cm) and Bunka knife. Yu Kurosaki is a blacksmiths well known in Japan by producing very unique hammered blade design. He works in Takefu Knife Village where he apprenticed with Hiroshi Kato. Yu Kurosaki makes very sharp kitchen knives with unique & stylish design on his blades. In MyGoodKnife you can buy japanese kitchen knives at discount price.

Best Fishing Knives. Top-5.

Searching for fishing knife? Check out the top-rated fishing knives in MyGoodKnife-store and choose the best fishing knife. Here is 5 most popular models in our store. 1. Buck Silver Creek Bite knife. Very popular fishing knife, safe, reliable and durable. This bait knife is designed with a titanium coated, corrosion resistant blade, a rubberized anti-slip grip, a stainless steel safety guard and a serrated backbone for sawing. Total length of Buck Silver Creek Bite knife is 235 mm, blade lenght 110 mm. Blade is made of 420HC steel, rubber handle. Buck Silver Creek Bite knife goes with plastic sheath. 2. One more best fishing knife is Marttiini Condor Fisherman’s knife. This knife is a true multi-purpose tool for fishermen! The serrated edge on the back of the stainless steel blade makes the removal of fish scales easy.The blade of the fisherman’s knife is sharpened just like a normal Marttiini knife, therefore you can use this knife not only for processing fish but also for many jobs around the house or camp. The textured rubber handle and the finger guard ensure a firm grip of the knife even in cold and wet conditions. Total length of Marttiini Condor Fisherman’s knife […]

Mcusta folding knives

Mcusta folding knives now available in MyGoodKnife! We became an official retailer of Marusho Industry Inc (Mcusta knives). Mcusta Knives are made in Seki-City, Japan and are the pinnacle of this synthesis between traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern cutting edge technology. Mcusta Zanmai blades are precision laser cut, and then carefully hand assembled, hand finished and inspected by Mcusta’s team of master craftsmen. The name the knife manufacturer – Mcusta – means Machine Custom Knives, which is exactly the product they produce. Now in MyGoodKnife stores you can find Mcusta folding knives from different series. Mcusta Basic (MC-1) folders have a simple elegant design with contoured finger grooves, easy one hand opening liner lock mechanism and exotic handle materials. Each knife has a specially designed, teflon washer system for silky smooth additional knives are hand finished. The MC1 Series have an integral pocket clip and are slimmer. Mcusta Take Series are inspired by traditional Japanese design elements and feature 33-layer nickel Damascus blades. The handles with an anodized pivot pin and teflon washer system and each has an ambidextrous, one hand opening mechanism with liner lock. Each knife comes with a decorative woven Nishijin pouch. Mcusta Gentleman’s Series boast 33-layer […]

Hogue knives

Hogue knives now in MyGoodKnife-store. American quality and innovation since 1968. Hogue folders represent the culmination of our capabilities and experience resulting in a superior balance of fit, finish and function. They have been engineered from the ground up to tackle any cutting tasks you put them to. Models come in a smaller EDC (Every Day Carry) size and a formidable large edition. All of the materials are sourced in the USA. The blades are 154 CM or CPM154 stain resistant steel that is cryogenically heat treated to a Rockwell of 57-59 then hand honed to a razor sharp edge. The handles of Hogue folders are offered in a variety of high quality materials that offer exceptional wear resistance and beauty. Each grip is carefully sculpted for outstanding ergonomics, ensuring that your Hogue knife is comfortable and secure in use. Be confident that every aspect of your Hogue folding knife has been refined to offer the best possible longevity and performance.  

Katz Knives

Katz Knives most popular models now in MyGooKnife! The company was formed in 1991, to design and implement high quality knives, axes and accessories. All Katz Knives are designed by company’s founder Keith Derkatz personally and contracted out, to high quality manufacturers in Japan and Spain. High standards in quality are number one in the manufacturing of these knives.

Pchaks – best kitchen knives for meat

A lot of best kitchen knives for meat – uzbek pchak knives are available! Pchak is a traditional Uzbek and Uigur knife, widely used in Central Asia and other countries. Pchak has a unique and distinctive appearance and the shape of this knife has remained unchanged during all these years. As opposed to Uzbek masters, Uigur smiths craft a broader variety of these knives and use several traditional blade shapes. The standard Uzbek and Uigur Pchak with a curved blade (Kayik) and a straight butt (Tugri) are similar to each other and differ only in the handle and incrustation. Usually the broad blade of a pchak is forged from carbon steel. The blades of expensive Pchaks are decorated with traditional ornaments and the handles – with circle-shaped ornamentation, named “Kyoz” or “Chashmak” in Persian (which means “eye”). This handle ornamentation is made from nonferrous or precious metals, or from bone and mother-of-pearl pressed into the handle plate. Pchak is a household and everyday accessory, an ideal knife for home cooking. Carbon steel needs special care – you need to wash and wipe dry the knife right after it was used, otherwise the blade may quickly become rusty. If you are […]

Zwilling Diplôme kitchen knives

New Zwilling Diplôme series at MyGoodKnife-store! The ZWILLING Diplôme knife series has been developed in collaboration with world-renowned cooking school Le Cordon Bleu. Le Cordon Bleu was founded in 1895 and is the world’s leading network of culinary arts and gastronomy. Each year 20,000 students from over 100 different nations are trained. The blades of Zwilling Diplôme are made from a professional-grade special steel which also used for razor blades: FC61. FC stands for “fine carbide”, meaning the carbides of this steel are uniformly distributed. This material structure allows for an extremely fine cut and produces a cutting edge with high initial sharpness and lasting edge retention. The ergonomic handle of Zwilling Diplôme kitchen knives has been developed with Japanese professional chefs to meet the highest standards. The three-rivet design and exposed tang gives the knife a timeless look, whilst the shape, size and way in which the handle seamlessly meets the bolster provide comfortable, safe and tireless working. The cutting edge is Honbazuke-honed, giving exceptional sharpness from the tip to the heel of the knife. The edge is symmetrical, so the knife can be used whether you are left or right handed. The total cutting angle is 20 degrees […]

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