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Reviews and articles

Reviews and articles

Miguel Nieto Knives

Diferent Miguel Nieto knives you can buy at MyGoodKnife-store. Knives made by Miguel Nieto brand originate from southeast of Spain, from Albacete town, which is known for traditional production of knives since 16th century. Smith’s art was constantly devoted from father upon son. In 1980 Miguel Nieto and his sons started to create their new own models and to build up Miguel Nieto brand which is based on reliable quality gained by combination of modern Technologies with traditional craft experiences. The company still draws from family traditions and secrets of smith’s craft which was devoted from generation to generation. The most popular of Miguel Nieto folders is Clasica. Line of souvenir knives «Clasica» is a small copy of the famous Navaja – whose length in the open state could reach nearly 1,5 meters. There are a lot of hunting and tourist knives in Miguel Nieto range. They have a bright original design, also with a reference to the historical Spanish cold weapons. Most Miguel Nieto fixed blade knives have a full tang construction and are excellent as hunting and EDC knives. Separately Miguel Nieto represents skinners – Linea to Skin. These knives are equipped with a sharp hook to quickly […]

Aitor Jungle King knife

Aitor Jungle King II and III survival knives are at stock. Aitor Jungle King II is a fixed tactically designed combat knife that includes a mini survival kit contained within the sheath and handle. The metal end cap is removable and the cast metal handle is hollow to provide a nice water proof storage compartment. An extremely well designed knife with the extras to make it an excellent survival tool. Blade length is 135 mm, total length is 275 mm. Aitor Jungle King II goes with: Fishing Kit, Sewing Kit, Scalpel, External Applications, Nippers, Pencil, Compass, Magnesium Pill, Pill Capsule, SOS Symbols, Signal Mirror, Latex Tubes, Forked Pole, Multi-Function Skinner, Nylon Cord. Available also in black.     Aitor Jungle King III is smaller than Jungle King II. Total length is 220, blade length is 105 mm. The end cap is a compass which is removable to reveal small survival kit stored in clear acrylic tube and a small multi-tool in the handle. The sheath features black coated stainless metal arms at one end that flip out to serve as slingshot. Storage compartment on back of sheath features latex powerbands for slingshot. Survival set includes: Fishing Kit, Sewing Kit, Scalpel, Nippers, […]

Staub cookware

Now you can buy Staub cookware at MyGoodKnife! Pans and cocottes in different colours. The Staub brand has its origins in France – more precisely in Alsace, a region world-famous for its culinary artistry and good food. The product range focuses on cast-iron and ceramic cookware for consumers who seek the authentic and emotional experience of cooking and taste. Staub products perfectly combine traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Renowned restaurateurs the world over have come to appreciate the high quality of the products, which explains why they are not just used in the kitchens of prestigious restaurants. Even amateur cooks can enjoy the benefits of preparing with STAUB products and the possibility of serving food directly to the table. The multifunctional Staub roasters are well suited to cooking roasts, vegetable dishes or ratatouille. Thanks to its ability to absorb heat quickly on the cooker, the cast iron roaster is good for searing. Cast iron is well known for its long heat retention. With the beautifully designed cookware, you can serve your guests delicious, hot food throughout the entire meal. One of the most innovative developments of the lid from Staub is the Chistera drop-shaped structure in the inner lid curve […]

Hunting knives Marttiini Martef with orange handle

Marttiini Martef hunting knives now available with orange handles. Martef-coated hunting knives are excellent tools for hunters. The dirt and moisture repelling Martef coating reduces friction to almost zero whilst protecting the blade against corrosion. There are 4 Marttiini Martef knives available with orange handle. 1. Marttiini Martef Carving knife. This knife works like a dream for both cutting and butchering meat. The familiar handle design is combined with a stainless blade suitable for cutting meat, which is coated with Martef to reduce friction and make your cutting chores easier. The leather sheath is practical for carrying the knife with you on your hunting trips. 2. Marttiini Martef Skinning knife with hook. The skinning hook is an excellent tool for opening deer. The hook at the back of the knife helps to open the animal without touching internal organs, whilst the round shape of the blade ensures that the hide comes away cleanly and intact. The hook can be sharpened with a pen type sharpener (such as the Marttiini diamond sharpener pen). The orange rubber handle and finger guard ensure user comfort and safety. Due to the sharpening angle of the stainless chrome steel blade, the knife can be used […]

Buck 110 Folding Hunter knife

Now you can buy Buck 110 Folding Hunter knife in different versions. Buck 110 Folding Hunter knife Classic. The 110 Folding Hunter is a classic and traditional favorite! Buck’s Folding Hunter was created in 1963 when Al Buck decided that a revolutionary locking blade knife was needed by outdoorsmen who wanted a sturdy knife but did not want to carry a long, fixed blade knife. He was right and the result proved to be the key to the company’s future. The challenge was to combine the strengths of other folding knives with locking mechanisms into a good-looking, reliable product. It wasn’t easy, but after a series of refinements, the Model 110 was unveiled. Within six months, this innovation was the hottest knife in the industry. The Folding Hunter®, after over 50 years, is still one of America’s best-selling knives. Blade: satin Finish, 420HC Stainless Steel. Handle: Ebony DymaLux®. Goes with leather sheath. Buck 110 Folding Hunter knife Finger Grooved. Classic Buck 110 Folding Hunter is available in same size with finger grooves, to provide extra comfort. Buck 110 Folding Hunter Chairman. One of the most famous knives in the world, Buck’s classic 110 Folding Hunter is featured as part of Chairman Series […]

Japanilaiset keittiöveitset ja niiden käyttötarkoitus

Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Japanilaisia keittiöveitsiä pidetään aivan oikeutetusti maailman parhaina keittiöveitsinä. Tuossa nousevan auringon maassa niiden valmistukseen sovelletaan vuosisatoja vanhoja metallintyöstömenetelmiä. Japanilaiset keittiöveitset eroavat monella tapaa tavallisista eurooppalaisista veitsistä: ne ovat kevyempiä ja niissä on erityislaatuiset kahvat. Suurimmassa osassa japanilaisista keittiöveitsistä on yleensä sandwich-tyyppinen rakenne: keskiosa on hyvin ohut ja kova ja terän sivujen pinnoite pehmeämpi. Japanilaisten keittiöveitsien terät ovat kovempia kuin eurooppalaisten. Kun länsimaisten veitsien kovuus Rockwell-asteikolla on luokkaa 54–58 HRC, japanilaiset karkaisevat terät 60-62 HRC:n kovuuteen. Kovan sydänosan ympärillä olevan pintakerroksen valmistukseen käytetään sekä plastisia teräslaatuja että damaskiterästä. Kestävät ja pehmeät kuvioidut pintakerrokset vahvistavat tasakoosteisesta ja yleensä runsashiilisestä teräksestä valmistettua keskikerrosta ja suojaavat sitä ruostumiselta. Japanilaisia veitsiä voi liioittelematta sanoa partaveitsen teräviksi. Tämä selittyy niiden terän rakenteen erityisominaisuuksilla. Kun leikkaavan terän kulma eurooppalaisissa keittiöveitsissä on yleensä 15 – 25 astetta, japanilaisissa veitsissä terän kulma voi olla 10 astetta, joskus vähemmän, joskus enemmän. Tällöin viistoukset ovat ohuemmat leikkuusärmässä ja leikkuujälki ihanteellinen. Seuraavassa esittelemme kaikkein suosituimmat japanilaiset veitset ja kerromme, mihin käyttötarkoituksiin ne on suunniteltu. Bunka. Bunka on pienikokoinen keittiön […]

Японские кухонные ножи: виды и назначение

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.  Японские кухонные ножи по праву считаются лучшими кухонными ножами в мире. В их производство заложены как многовековые традиции, так и новейшие технологии. Самые известные производители японских ножей: Tojiro, Kasumi, Mcusta, Seki Kanetsugu, Ryusen Hamono. Высоко ценятся кухонные ножи японских мастеров: Hiroshi Kato, Takeshi Saji, Yu Kurosaki и других.  Японские кухонные ножи во многом отличаются от привычных европейских: они легче, имеют особые рукояти. Как правило большинство японских кухонных ножей сделаны по принципу сэндвича: очень тонкая и твердая сердцевина в мягких обкладках. Твердость клинков японских кухонных ножей выше, чем европейских. Если на Западе показатель колеблется в пределах 54–58 HRC по шкале Роквелла, то японцы предпочитают закалку в районе 60-62 HRC. Верхними слоями вокруг такой твердой сердцевины служат как пластичные стали, так и дамаск. Крепкие и вязкие узорчатые обкладки служат для упрочнения и защиты от коррозии центрального слоя, который сделан из однородной стали (как правило, высокоуглродистой). Японские ножи можно без преувеличения назвать бритвенно-острыми. Это связано с конструктивными особенностями клинка. Если угол режущей кромки у европейских кухонных ножей составляет обычно от […]

Kitchen knives Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu

High quality kitchen knives Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu now available. Chef knife 21 cm and Santoku are at stock. Winner of the 2016 Good Design Award, the Tanganryu series are for both professional chef and home cook, top line of Ryusen Hamono, having feature of hammered patterns. The mirror polished “Tsuchime” patterns are contrasted with the blasted Damascus patterns. The beautiful combination of whole hammered and layered pattern blade will make you enjoy cooking much more even by looking. The core of Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu blades is Cobalt VG-10 steel and 32-layered by stainless steel. Therefore the blade is super hard yet hard to get rust and the cutting edge is amazingly fine. The Rockwell hardness on these knives is around 60-62 HRC, for a durable edge. The handle is longer than the standard one, and is developed so that you can safely do fine slicing by holding it at the end closest to you, and you can also use it to chop by holding it in the middle. Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu kitchen knives are in beautiful black boxes. Ryusen Hamono was established in 1953 to produce kitchen knives in Fujiku, so-called “Echizen”, in Japan. The Echizen has around 700 year […]

Hand made Japanese kitchen knives by Shiro Kamo

Now at our store you can buy japanese kitchen knives made by Mr. Shiro Kamo. The smith Shiro Kamo crafts his blades in the Takefu Knife Village. This is a smithy cooperative that has upheld the tradition of sophisticated metalworking for almost 700 years. The individual Japanese kitchen knives are crafted by hand, using only the best materials. Shiro Kamo was born in 1958. In recognition of his outstanding work, the smith was awarded the title of »Master of the Traditional Craft« at the age of 45. A second generation blacksmith, Shiro Kamo has a deep passion for his craft and has a wide interest in history and teaches Japanese forging in Europe. Currently, Shiro Kamo is President of the Takefu Knife Village Association. In our store you can by three models of Shiro Kamo knives: santoku, chef’s knife with 21 cm blade and chef’s knife with 18 cm blade. These japanese kitchen knives are made of Aogami II steel (Blue paper steel). Aogami II is one of the greatest Japanese Carbon Steels. In addition to containing more Carbon, Chromium and Tungsten than Blue Steel No.1, it also includes Molybdenum. Traditional octagon handles of Shiro Kamo kitchen knives are made […]

Japanese kitchen knives by Hiroshi Kato

New! Japanese kitchen knives by Hiroshi Kato now available at our store. Hiroshi Kato is one the most respected blacksmiths in Japan. In 1935 Hiroshi Kato- father became independent from his Sensei. After finishing high school Hiroshi Kato began his apprenticeship under his father. It’s amazing that after over 50 years as a knife maker he’s still inspired by thinking of people cooking with his knives. He always considers balance when hammer the steel, keeping in mind where a knife needs to be thin and where it needs to be strong. Kato-san runs a very professional workshop and has even taken on great apprentices like Yu Kurosaki and Toru Tamura. Kato-San works at Takefu Knife Village co-operative. It’s amazing that after over 50 years as a knife maker he’s still inspired by thinking of people cooking with his knives. In our store you can buy 4 models of Hiroshi Kato knives: bunka, santoku and chef knives 18 and 21 cm. Blades of Hiroshi Kato’s knives are made of Aogami steel, cherywood handles. Black Packer Wood bolster. Hiroshi Kato kitchen knives are packed in brand boxes.


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