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Zwilling Gourmet kitchen knives

February 20, 2018

New budget Zwilling Gourmet series now at MyGoodKnife-store. Every Zwilling Gourmet is the go-to knife for home chefs eager for their everyday knife to be exceptional. The single-piece, precision-stamped blade construction is lighter than forged knives, allowing for maximum maneuverability. Proudly crafted in Germany, Zwilling Gourmet knives are made of special-formula steel that has been perfected for over 285 years. Combined with ZWILLING’s signature ice-hardening technique, the blades are harder, sharper, they will not stain or chip and they retain their sharpness longer. The ergonomic, triple-riveted handle ensures fatigue-free cutting. Experience the comfort, durability, and sharpness of ZWILLING Gourmet. Knives are precision-stamped from a single-piece of solid steel.Ice-hardened FRIODUR blade starts sharper, stays sharper longer, and has superior resilience. Traditional three-riveted handle with a full tang provides maximum comfort and stability while cutting. Highly durable POM handle has stainless steel rivets that balance blade and handle perfectly. Center rivet is laser inscribed with ZWILLING logo. There are most popular kitchen knives in Zwilling Gourmet series: peeling and paring knives, chef knives available at 20 cm and 14 cm, slicing knife 20 cm, bread knife, chinese chef knife, kitchen cleaver and santoku. All Zwilling Gourmet knives are manufactured in Germany.

Korpikannel knives

March 22, 2017

Very interesting Korpikannel traditional finnish knives now at stock. Korpikannel is finnish small family company, which make knives since 1957. A lot of years ago Aarno Korpikannel – fisherman from Kemi, decided not to throw up salmon skin, but try to use it. And now he makes great knives, which have a salmon skin sheath and a parts of handles also made from fish skin. Now we have at stock most popular models of Korpikannel knives: Korpikannel Sampipuukko (“sturgeon”) Korpikannel Hirvenpääpuukko (“elk head knife”) Korpikannel Lohennahkapuukko (“salmon skin knife”)   Korpikannel Kojamonpääpuukko (salmon head knife)   Korpikannel Kipinäpuukko (“flint knife”) . That knife has a removable flint inside the handle and special  notch on blade.   If you are looking for unusual finnish traditional knives – Korpikannel is a very good choice.

Kasumi knives

February 28, 2017

We are very proud to inform, that MyGoodKnife became an official dealer of Kasumi knives (SUMIKAMA Cutlery) in Finland and Estonia. Since 1916, SUMIKAMA has been devoted to manufacturing high-quality and value-added cutlery using the over 780-year traditions of Seki swordsmiths and its outstanding skill to harmonize new technologies with new materials. Entering to the world market only in 1990-ies, company have managed to stand on a par and even became more successful than many of the famous manufacturers of knives from the Japanese city of Seki. The Gifu Seki Cutlery Industry Association comprises of 53 companies in and around Seki. The cutlery industry in Seki is characterized as its multi-product and small-lot production, by which various new products based on the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern taste are produced. The origin of the Seki cutlery industry dates back to the 13th century, when Motoshige, a master swordsmith from the Kyushu region moved to live in the area. A lot of master swordsmiths appeared after Motoshige. However, when peace time came in the late 17th century, sword demand fell and some swordsmiths turned to blacksmiths making agricultural tools, such as knives and sickles. Now kitchen knives (50% of domestic […]

Tojiro professional DP Cobalt Alloy Steel Series

October 19, 2016

Tojiro professional DP Cobalt Alloy Steel Series by 3-Layers now at stock. Blades manufactured under the strict quality control have more keenness, durability and corrosion resistance than any other knives and have been loved by professionals as their favorites for a long time. The edge made by skilled craftsmen provides you an amazing sharpness. Once you have, you will never part with it. Handles are made from Reinforced Laminated Material. This is not only eco-friendly material but has less shrinkage with age-related deterioration and that means the durability lasts for a long time. You always can feel as if it is just like brand-new handle. We gave top priority to durability employing 3 anchors and bolster structures as a professional model on this series. That leads less cracks, loosening and a wrap on the handle. This is designed for professionals indeed.

Nesmuk Janus in Lappeenranta

October 18, 2016

Nesmuk Janus knife is available for test cutting in our offline store. And yes – test for free. There are about 30 production steps to make Nesmuk Janus ready to you.   Star chefs often wait patiently for months for their knives to be forged, or even travel personally to Solingen to purchase the Nesmuk knife.  For example, chefs Eckart Witzigmann (who received the rare award Chef of t…he century) and Dieter Mueller (culinary legend of Germany) have their own edition of Nesmuk Janus – model, which you can test in MyGoodKnife show-room.  Frank Rosin – chef of restaurants «Michelin Star» and his executive chef are also completely convinced with Nesmuk Janus.  The Austrian candidate of the European Bocuse d’Or final in Budapest – Kevin Micheli – was fitted by Nesmuk Chef´s Knife and Slicer for the competition. His opinion about the knives: they are indescribable. The Nesmuk JANUS 5.0 combines Nesmuk’s knife-making skills and many years of experience with state-of-the-art materials and production methods. High-quality DLC coating (diamond-like carbon; a 3 μ thick, amorphous carbon coating containing silicone) delivers impressive hardness (2,300 Vickers), low friction values and high adhesive strength. The blade is made of stainless, high-performance steel containing […]

We are pleased to announce that have become an authorized dealer of Buck Knives

May 27, 2015

We are pleased to announce that have become an authorized dealer of Buck Knives. In our store you can find almost whole range of Buck, including a lot of new products of 2015 year and exclusive models. In particular, in this year Buck expanded collection of hunting knives and presented new series – Open Season Series Knives. Now in MyGoodKnife you can find four different models: three fixed knives: Skinner, Boning, Caper and Folding Skinner. All knives Open Season Series, represented in our store are made of S30V steel with a hardness of 59-61 HRC. The S30V stainless steel blade ensures edge retention and corrosion resistance. Handles are made from Rosewood Dymondwood – beautiful and durable material. Fishermen enjoy the new scissors Buck Splizzors. In general, it’s a real handy multitool. Scissors- pliers Splizzors fitted with replaceable serrated blades. The handle is non-slip, high-strength rubber Dynaflex. Among other things, on the handles is crimping tool, handy bottle opener (how could be fishing without that) and a special hole for lanyard. It comes with a handy and durable nylon storage pouch, which has holes for safety cord. Multitool is designed specifically for fishermen and Splizzors is very convenient to work with […]