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Diferent Miguel Nieto knives you can buy at MyGoodKnife-store.
Knives made by Miguel Nieto brand originate from southeast of Spain, from Albacete town, which is known for traditional production of knives since 16th century. Smith’s art was constantly devoted from father upon son. In 1980 Miguel Nieto and his sons started to create their new own models and to build up Miguel Nieto brand which is based on reliable quality gained by combination of modern Technologies with traditional craft experiences. The company still draws from family traditions and secrets of smith’s craft which was devoted from generation to generation.
The most popular of Miguel Nieto folders is Clasica. Line of souvenir knives «Clasica» is a small copy of the famous Navaja – whose length in the open state could reach nearly 1,5 meters.
There are a lot of hunting and tourist knives in Miguel Nieto range. They have a bright original design, also with a reference to the historical Spanish cold weapons. Most Miguel Nieto fixed blade knives have a full tang construction and are excellent as hunting and EDC knives.

Separately Miguel Nieto represents skinners – Linea to Skin. These knives are equipped with a sharp hook to quickly cut the skin.

Folding knives Miguel Nieto are presented in a very wide range. Most models have handles made of natural materials and back lock or spring mechanism.

Most beautiful and expensives are Miguel Nieto Artesanal knives. These masterpieces are totally made by hands.

Now Miguel Nieto also presents a steak knives with olive and ebony wood handles.

When producing blades only a high quality Spanish steel AN-58 is used, tempered to 58-60 HRC.
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