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Seki Cutlery Festival in Japan

Have you been to Japan? Movie about Seki Cutlery Festival and Seki Outdoor Knife Show at our YouTube Channel! Seki – is the capital of Japanese knife and sward making already 700 years! Best japanese knives, sword forging, biggest knife market and other ineteresting things! Check and follow us at YouTube!

How Tojiro knives are made? Factory tour to Tojiro

MyGoodKnife Team visited Tojiro factory in Japan. How Tojiro knives are made? Check at our video. Tojiro is one of the best manufacture of japanese kitchen knives. And the biggest part of manufacturing process is making by hands. Subscribe to our Youtube-channel and will see video from best knife manufactires and knife festivals! *MyGoodKnife is official distributor of Tojiro.

New Razors at stock

New straight razors at stock! Recently, the traditional way of shaving with the straight razors is becoming popular again. The best razors are made of carbon steel, as only this steel can be sharpened to the required sharpness. Do not forget to wipe the razor dry after use, as high carbon steel is prone to corrosion. For sharpening it is recommended to use special tools. In our shop you can buy only best, high-quality razors, generally made in Germany. In the video created by our partner-manufacturer of knives and razors Böker, you can see how to shave with razors. A good razor will be an elegant and useful gift for any man.

Mr.Tomohiro Hasegawa (Mcusta Zanmai) in store in Helsinki

Mr.Tomohiro Hasegawa – president of Marusho Industry Inc. in store in Helsinki. Interview about Mcusta Zanmai knives. MyGoodKnife is an official retailer of Mcusta Zanmai knives. In our stores you can buy Mcusta Zanmai knives with free shipping. Guide for interview with Mr. Tomohiro Hasegawa: 1. Mcusta – what does it mean? (00:38-01:26) 2. How many knives produces Mcusta? (01:29-02:02) 3. What steel Mcusta Zanmai knives are made of? (02:40-03:40) 4. Mcusta Zanmai kitchen knives: series differences, knives for home and professional use. (02:10-05:13) 5. What mean pins on handles of Mcusta knives? (05:25-05:45) 6. What knives president of Mcusta Knives uses himself? (05:48-06:47) 7. How to sharp Mcusta Zanmai knives? (06:50-07:15) 8. Who is designer of Mcusta folding knives? (07:18-08:24) 9. What inspires the creation of Mcusta folding knives? (08:22-09:25) 10. Is it bad luck to give a knife as a gift? (10:03-10:45)

Zwilling Pro Serrated Chef knife!

Ultimate Zwilling Pro Serrated Chef’s Knife.  See the difference a serration can make!

H.Roselli knives from Finland

Uncompromised functionality and sharpness since 1976. Bladesmith Heimo Roselli refuses to build anything non-functional into his knives. Functionality is given priority. Each knife is the embodiment of Northland design – a simple, unique and stylishly shaped worktool. Roselli’s uncompromising selection of raw materials is reflected in superior blades of carbon steel, wood handles and leather sheath. Roselli knives are easy to sharpen and made to serve their owner for a long time.

Nesmuk. Who makes best chefs blades.

We made this video during our visit to Nesmuk factory last summer.

Knives by Chef Christian Campogiany

Knives by Chef Christian Campogiany at stock .Klick here   

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