Navaja Brous Blades Sniper Grey Acid 601706671954 9.5cm - 1
  • Navaja Brous Blades Sniper Grey Acid 601706671954 9.5cm - 1
  • Navaja Brous Blades Sniper Grey Acid 601706671954 9.5cm - 2
  • Navaja Brous Blades Sniper Grey Acid 601706671954 9.5cm - 3
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Navaja Brous Blades Sniper Grey Acid 9.5cm

Brous Blades
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The Sniper is our take on a kwaiken style blade and will be one of our most affordable knives that we offer. At less than half an inch thick, the Sniper is thinner than the Bionic. The handles are made from Aircraft-grade 6061 Aluminum and are shaped to make the 3 3/4 inch D2 blade disappear when closed. The pocket clip is built into the steel liner and is right-hand tip-up carry only. The Sniper runs on our Proprietary Brous Bearing System and has an action that competes with any other knife in our 2015 lineup. The Sniper is an incredibly slim and lightweight knife and is perfect for those who want an affordable EDC.
Brous Blades
United States
6061 T-6 Aluminium
58-60 HRC
Liner Lock
Longitud Total, mm
Grosor de la hoja, mm

Although still in his early 20’s, Brous began his efforts in knifemaking with the benefit of nearly 10 years of experience in CNC machining. His father owns a shop that specializes in the custom machining of high-precision components, mainly for the medical industry. As a good son, Brous spent a lot of time in his father’s shop growing up and by his mid teens was actively helping out with production. His skills and knowledge steadily increased and by the time he was 20 he was a seasoned and very competent machinist. Brous’ interest in knives actually began with art—specifically a style called “Bio-mechanical” art as practiced by one of his favorite artists, a Brazilian painter and tattooist named Lango. Biomechanical art (also called Biomech) is a surrealistic style of art that combines elements of machines and robotics with organic animal features. Intrigued by this style of art and its similarity to many fantasy knives, Brous figured that knifemaking would be a natural extension of his metalworking skills and an appropriate medium for his artistic ideas. Although he had no specific training in knifemaking, in 2010 he designed and made his first knife—a fantasy design with a Biomech flavor—and eagerly posted photos of it on several Internet knife forums. Unfortunately for him, his design drew harsh criticism from some all-knowing keyboard commandos. However, fortunately for us, he turned that criticism into fierce determination. Through persistent trial and error, Brous changed his style of knife design to focus on functional simplicity, while still maintaining a strong artistic signature.

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