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Bisbell Double Hook Silver

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Sooo simple... Metal hooks with a patented lip that hooks over the top rail to allow these hooks to punch way above their weight! These specially designed hooks should work on any railed knife rack. These hooks add utility to your magnetic knife rack and save you space in your already overcrowded drawers ...... so now you can have your favourite spoon or utensil to hand too.

United Kingdom
Rostisiav Prilutskiy
Простой и удобный весёлый крючёк радует мой интерьер

Bisbell has been a manufacturer and supplier of magnetic products since 1971. During this time, the company has managed to earn a reputation as a leader in its industry. Bisbell designed and manufactured their first product in 1971 and since then they have continued to develop and manufacture innovative products for both personal and commercial use. The team guarantees the production of quality products. Their commitment to quality, customer service and reliable distribution ensures complete customer satisfaction.

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