Términos y Condiciones

Terms of Use / Distance Sale Contract This Terms of Use Agreement  describes customer’s rights and responsibilities and states the terms and conditions under which customer may use this website. Please read this document carefully.

  1. Registering.

1.1. Registration is not necessary at www.mygoodknife.com. Customers can register, using the registration form, if  want to.

1.2.By registering as a customer in MyGoodKnife, customer should give required information (name, address, email, phone number).

1.3. Customer declare that the given information is correct.

1.4. By registering as a customer in MyGoodKnife, customer agrees to receive news and notifications from shop. 1.5 By registering as a customer, customer agree that data provided in forms will be used by Lämmin Tuuli for the purpose of getting customer's request, responding to it and, if necessary, managing possible contractual relationships.

  1. Ordering.

2.1. By placing an order at www.mygoodknife.com, customer verifies that customer is over 18 years old.  15–18-year-old buyers require their guardian’s permission when buying a product with funds that they have not acquired through their own work.

2.2. Placing an order at www.mygoodknife.com customer confirms, that aware of all local, state and federal laws regarding the possession or carrying of the ordering products. MyGoodKnife shall be held blameless for any infraction of laws by the purchaser.

2.3. Communication between the customer and MyGoodKnife shall occur either by e-mail, letter or telephone.  After completing an order, customer get order confirmation be email. A binding sales contract will take effect after MyGoodKnife has sent to customer an order confirmation by e-mail.

2.4. Before the order has been delivered, the customer has the right to cancel the whole order, or parts of it, by e-mail, letter or phone.  After customer’s getting email about shipping, cancelation of order is unable.

2.5 International orders are shipped at the customer's risk. By placing an international order, the customer assumes all risk of confiscation en route. If customs should confiscate or return goods to MyGoodKnife, the customer is still responsible for all shipping charges including return shipping charges. If customs confiscate but do not return goods to MyGoodKnife, customer can't count on payment return since it is customer's responsibility to find out if the purchasing item can be legally imported in his country.

2.6 MyGoodKnife accept payments only in euro. Prices in USD and other currencies are shown only for customers approximate orientation. Any bank and rate commissions are customers responsibility.

2.7. MyGoodKnife does not allow evasion of taxes and customs duties at our expense.  All information goes from order to customs documents automatically, so we specify only the actual cost of the product in the documents. Specifying the wrong (lower) value of the goods and other manipulations with customs documents are absolutely impossible. 

2.8. If orders are placed within 48 hours to the same shipping address or from the same IP address (specifically, to split one order into several and not pay customs duty) - orders will be joined and sent in one parcel or extra shipping costs will be included in full amount to each extra parcel.

2.9 We offer one shipping for one order. Additional shippings are to be fully paid by customer. 

  1. Prices

3.1. The valid price is given in euros (EUR). MyGoodKnife reserves the right to make price changes. Prices given in web-shop are available only in web-shop.

3.2 In original, all prices include VAT 24%.  Orders to countries, which are not members of European Union Customs Union (EUCU) ship without tax.  Choose Non EU to see prices without tax.

3.3.  Any promo-codes and discounts can not be used retroactively (after order placed). Any promo-code is not a basic for any refund. Promo-codes can not be joined and used for products already selling with discount (on sale). Any discounts are valid only for orders placed exactly on dates when sale or any promo action as active.

3.4. All individual promo codes for discounts in monetary terms (gift cards, rewards) are valid only for 1 year from the date of providing to the client.

  1.  Delivery

4.1.  MyGoodKnife ships worldwide, with the exception of countries, knive’s delivery to which is prohibited by international law.

4.2 Deliveries are carried by Finnish Post (www.posti.fi) in cooperation with official postal companies of country arriving and by GLS (https://gls-group.eu/FI/en/home#) and DHL.

4.3. Shipping is available after 100% order prepayment. Tracking number of parcel will be send to customer after dispatching.  The estimated time of dispatch shall be 1 working day. If in one order customer orders items, which are located in different stocks (Helsinki and Lappeenranta), estimated time of dispatch shall be 3-4 working days (time of delivery from one stock to other). 

4.4  International shipping outside EU to PO boxes is impossible, because recipient should sign delivery documents.

4.5. Orders placed after 14-00 Friday will be shipped on the following Monday. On weekends and public holidays shipping is not possible.

4.6. All the customs fees and taxes are solely the buyers' responsibilities. MyGoodKnife always declares the real value and contents of parcels.

4.7. Pre-order items delivery. Yellow button "Add to cart" and signature "Shipping After 10-20 Business days" means that this is Pre-Order item. That means that we do not keep it at our stock, but can get from manufacturer quickly according to request. We will send inquiry to manufacturer and inform you about estimate shipping date. Please, pay your attention that on items page we put estimated delivery time, but finally it is depend only on manufacturer. Lead time can be longer or shorter depending on manufacturer's stock. Order for Pre-order item can be cancelled without MyGoodKnife's fault if item is discontinued by manufacturer.  Terms of payment for Pre-order items are the same like for all items. 

4.8 If parcel is not delivered to customer because of customer's fault (customer gave incorrect shipping address, did not communicate to shipping company, canceled shipping by himself or did not pick up parcel) and had been sent back to MyGoodKnife, customer is responsible for all shipping costs to both sides and possible customs expenses for parcel return. Customs import fees are 51.45 euros.  If customer would like to get parcel again, shipment should be paid by customer. 

4.9 MyGoodKnife indicates the average expected time of delivery. Despite the fact that we ship orders as quickly as possible (on the day of the order or the next working day after it), the final delivery time depends only on the work of the postal and customs service of customer's country. MyGoodKnife is not responsible for delays in transit or in customer's country.

  1. Terms of payment.

5.1. According to EU law we accept payments only in euro. Prices in USD and another currencies are shown only for customers approximate orientation. In shopping cart prices will be in euro and payment will be made in euro according to customer's bank rate.

5.2. Payments could be made with the following payment methods:

-    Debit and credit cards. The card will be charged with a separate Nets  form when making the order. In connection with making a credit card payment, the payer will be identified electronically with the help of the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode verification service, if such a service is linked to the payer’s credit card. Orders can also be paid for via online banking services.

-     Advance payment via a bank transfer. The customer will receive payment details for a bank transfer with their order confirmation. The amount to be paid is stated in the order confirmation sent by MyGoodKnife. For payments from outside the EU, the payer's banks may charge comission and any fees for international transaction. Our store is not responsible for it. The order is active within 7 days from the date of order.

5.3.  If payment is not received by MyGoodKnife within 7 days, order will be cancelled automatically.  

5.4 Gift cards can be bought as a gift for third person. It does not give any extra discount and have exact amount that customer paid for it. Gift cards are valid for 12 months since it's purchase date. Lost, stolen or expired gift cards will not be replaced or covered. A gift card is a value document that should be kept carefully. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for money.

  1. Cancellation.

6.1. Order can be cancelled by Customer only before shipping. After customer have got tracking info - cancellation is impossible.

6.2. Private customers from Euro Union have the right to return unused products within fourteen (14) days of receiving the product(s), starting the day after the receipt date. The returned product(s) and product packaging shall be in the same condition as when received.  In that case payment will be refund to customer within 30 days after getting product back. Refund will exclude all shipping costs. Customers have to pay the return shipping cost and all expenses that Lämmin Tuuli OY incurred for sending the order. The product packaging shall be unbroken and the product shall have no signs of use. If item has visible traces of use or damages, return is not acceptable and  refund will not be provided. Customer is responsible for product on the way back, so we recommend to use insured shipping with tracking. Item's checking and refund processing takes about 2-3 business days since item arrived. Refunds are made in the same way that the payment was made. The transaction time is usually several banking days. After several rerurns in short time, the customer may be refused the right of return if his actions are recognized as an abuse/overuse of the right of return

6.3. If the product to be returned is no longer flawless (the product was used or damaged by customer) -  payment will not be refunded to customer. If product was used - the decision on the percentage of return (and its possibility) will be made depending on the condition of the product.

6.4 If customer would like to cancel order after shipping, customer is obligated to cancel delivery by himself (by contacting shipping company) . In case of delivery cancelation customer is responsible for full amount of shipping costs to both sides, any shipping company's penalty, custom clearence payment (about 52 euro) and all expenses that MyGoodKnife has incurred for canceled shipment.

6.5. Since the store sells products that may be potentially dangerous, the company reserves the right to refuse service in case of strange or aggressive behavior of the customer or suspicion that the customer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  1. Deliveries that have broken in transit or lost

7.1 All knives are checked by MyGoodKnife before shipping. If the package or the products ordered have been damaged in transit, a damage report should be filed immediately. Customer should inform local Post office about damage immediately. Also in that case inform MyGoodKnife’s custom service by email [email protected] MyGoodKnife do not accept claims, if customer choose shipping without insurance (Priority or GLS without insurance). 

7.2. If customer did not include insurance option to GLS shipping or chose Priority shipping method, customer will receive not full refund, but only SDR compensation according to the carrier's liability in international road transportations.

7.3. All refunds for damage or lost parcel are making stronly according to terms of shipping companies. Refund for lost parcel can be made only after shipping company officially consider parcel as lost. 

  1. Force majeure

MyGoodKnife shall not be held responsible for any delays, failures to fulfil obligation or any other failures that occurred due to circumstances and obstacles that are beyond our reasonable control, which include but are not limited to strikes, governmental actions, wars or national emergencies, terrorism threats or acts of terrorism, environmental or climatic anomalies, failure of performance by a third party, internet connection issues as well as hardware and software malfunction,  other corresponding event beyond MyGoodKnife's control.

  1. Solving disputes

9.1. Finnish law will be applied to any disputes or disagreements resulting from this Distance Sale Contract.

9.2. Any unarbitrated disputes shall be solved in the Lappeenranta District Court.

  1. Privacy and data protection

10.1. MyGoodKnife is secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate by Let's Encrypt. MyGoodKnife webshop is encrypted with 128-bit SSL protection. So customer’s personal data and payment transaction is completely secure.

10.2. MyGoodKinife’s customer’s data is confidential. MyGoodKnife pledges not to divulge customer information to any other party than the company’s internal partners.

10.3 Privacy according to General Data Protection Regulation on Privacy Policy page

  1. Intellectual Property.

All information and content, including photos -  is the property of  Lämmin Tuuli OY (MyGoodKnife) and protected by Finnish  laws and international laws.

  1. After-Sales Services and Guarantees

Any complaints regarding the goods or services supplied should be made to  [email protected]  or any other contact detail provided under contact information. Our business hours are from Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00 Finland time. Time of claim's reviews is 30 days. 

13. Warranty

Quality is of top priority for MyGoodKnife and we stand behind the quality of our products. The warranty covers any and all defects in workmanship, build quality and materials used. 

13.1 The warranty does not cover improper usage that results in defects, dents, cuts, breakages and other damage to knife. Examples of improper usage, which may result in the warranty being voided include the following: throwing, pounding, prying, striking, hacking of hard objects for which the knife is not designed for*; overheating the knife or any part of it; incorrect maintenance of mechanisms or other parts; improper storage in harsh environments and storing without cleaning and care; attempting to repair or modify and other similar actions. Attention! Ceramic knives and Japanese high carbon knives not designed for cutting bones or other hard materials.

13.2 Small breaks of japanese knife's cutting edge after cutting hard products - is not warranty case, but a result of improper use of the knife. Appearance of rust on carbon knives - is not a warranty case, but a result of improper care of the knife. Please work gently! For those manufacturers where most of the production steps are carried out manually, the dimensions may differ slightly from those stated. The difference from the declared size of a few millimeters is not a warranty case.    

13.3 Warranty apply only to knives, but not to their packaging.  We carefully check knives before shipping and make photos. If customer get damaged knife or knife has deffects, claim should be sent withing 24 h after parcel is gotten by customer. 

13.4 Warranty do not apply on spots and scratches on pchak-knives, because it's blade is made of car's old parts. Warranty also do not apply on spots and small scratches if it specially artificially aged or allowed by the manufacturer (for.ex black coating on carbon steel blades). 

13.5 Please, pay attention that the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the goods and only the manufacturer makes the final decision whether the case is covered by warranty.  Refund or replacement of item proceeding only after approval of manufacturer. 

Do not wash your knives in the dishwasher. If the knife designed for the cleaning in washing machine the temperature be below of 180 C. The function of a knife is cutting and using it for purposes other than that is not covered by warranty. Knives are not suitable for prying or pounding, therefore blade tip breakage is not included in the warranty. Please match your tools to tasks - use the cutting edge to cut and your knife will proudly serve you indefinitely long. Some models that have specific designs may be suitable for heavier tasks in which case the warranty terms will be honored (e.g. sawing,throwing, axing and hacking etc.)

In warranty case please contact with our customer service [email protected]

Statutory Rights: These Terms and Conditions do not affect any of your statutory rights.    

Lämmin Tuuli OY (MyGoodKnife) reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.