Bisbell Magnetic Blade Guard Small 25 mm 5017421000521 - 1
  • Bisbell Magnetic Blade Guard Small 25 mm 5017421000521 - 1
  • Bisbell Magnetic Blade Guard Small 25 mm 5017421000521 - 2

Bisbell Magnetischer Klingenschutz Small 25 mm

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This is the NEW improved pebble blade guard from Bisbell.

It's an iconic hard case that will protect you and your knives through thick and thin! Tested by machine to 5,000 openings, then we stopped the test as it was getting boring watching and we figured that would see most people out! It's hard wearing and looks great too!

These patented knife edge protectors keep your knives sharper for longer by protecting the blade edges when stored in a drawer or wherever you store your knives. They also help protect you from those nasty accidents and help keep your blade as sharp as the day you put it away!

The small blade guards are only available in black with the pebble pattern on one side the reverse side is plain with a small area where you can write your name or which knife is stored in the guard - 170mm long and will take a blade up to 25mm wide. Suitable for most small chef's knives - although better to measure your blade first if you are thinking of a particular favorite knife you want to protect.

United Kingdom

Bisbell ist ein großes britisches Unternehmen, dass seit 1971 hochwertige magnetische Produkte herstellt. Die Magnetleisten von Bisbell sind sehr praktisch, um beispielsweise Messer daran aufzuhängen. Auf diesem Gebiet ist Bisbell mittlerweile weltweit zum Marktführer herangewachsen. Schauen Sie sich in dem umfangreichen Sortiment auf Kochexperte in Ruhe um.

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