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Cuchillo de cocinacuchi Santoku Hiroshi Kato Ginsan 16.5cm D1011R
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Santoku knife handmade by Hiroshi Kato.  Hiroshi Kato is one the most respected blacksmiths in Japan. Blade of this Santoku knife is made of round hummered 3 layer Ginsan steel. Blade lenght is 165 mm. Handle of Hiroshi Kato Chef knife is made of laminated wood.  Weight is 145 g. Hiroshi Kato Santoku knife goes in carton box. Buy best japanese kitchen knife with delivery.
137,09 €


Hiroshi Kato is one the most respected blacksmiths in Japan. In 1935 Hiroshi Kato- father became independent from his Sensei. After finishing high school Hiroshi Kato began his apprenticeship under his father. It's amazing that after over 50 years as a knife maker he's still inspired by thinking of people cooking with his knives. He always considers balance when hammer the steel, keeping in mind where a knife needs to be thin and where it needs to be strong. Kato-san runs a very professional workshop and has even taken on great apprentices like Yu Kurosaki and Toru Tamura.