Vaina Mcusta Black lacquered Wooden Saya for Nakiri 165 mm mbsn165 - 1
  • Vaina Mcusta Black lacquered Wooden Saya for Nakiri 165 mm mbsn165 - 1

Vaina Mcusta Zanmai Black lacquered Wooden Saya for Nakiri 165 mm

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Mcusta Black lacquered sheath Saya fits for japanese vegetable knife nakiri with blade lenght up to 165 mm. Mcusta's Black Lacquer Sayas are made from Magnolia wood, derived from Honoki Trees in Japan, the same material used for centuries to protect the Japanese Katana swords. Since the Heian period, Magnolia wood has been used for sayas for its moisture-resistance and soft nature that won't scratch delicate blades. Each sheath has a protective coating to enhance beauty and assure durability. For safety, a pin is used to keep the blade and sheath in place. *There is a possibility that the saya cover does not fit your knife. Because the actual thickness and size of the knife may be different from each other even if their indicated blade size in the specification looks the same. This saya is 100% fits to Mcusta nakiri knife with blade lenght up to 165 mm. About models of other manufactures, please, ask our consultants. MyGoodKnife is an authorized dealer of Marusho Industry Inc (brand Mcusta Zanmai). All Mcusta knives and scissors at our stores are original and made is Seki city, Japan. Check our video to see interview with Mr.Tomohiro Hasegawa - president of Marusho Industry Inc (brand Mcusta Zanmai). Interview was made when Mr.Tomohiro visited or store in Helsinki.

Mcusta Zanmai

Somos distribuidores oficiales de la marca Mcusta Zanmai

Los cuchillos Mcusta Zanmai se presentaron por primera vez en el famoso American Shot Show en 2005 por Marusho Industry Inc. Los cuchillos Mcusta ('Machine Custom Knives') se fabrican en Seki, el corazón de la cuchillería japonesa desde el siglo XIII. La empresa japonesa Mcusta fabrica cuchillos muy elegantes y de alta calidad. Sus cuchillos, cortados con láser, se ensamblan a mano y se distinguen por el uso de variedades de madera únicas, como el cocobolo o el ébano.

En 2019, el equipo de MyGoodKnife entrevistó a Tomohiro Hasegawa, presidente de Marusho Industry

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