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ICEL was born from a small family workshop created in the forties by three brothers in which steel was worked and from which agricultural and kitchen cutlery items were turned out. This workshop was located in Ribafria, a small village near Benedita. In the beginning, the product range consisted of pen knives and a few totally hand made knives. The grade of steel was carbon steel that was forged and hardened with rudimental equipment, the energy used being produced from coal. The handles were made of animal bones and horns. As production rose, distribution was no longer local and became regional and the products were then available in shops and markets in different points of the country, mostly transported by rail. By 1945 the small workshop had 25 employees and the decision was taken to establish a company called Indústria de Cutelarias da Estremadura, Lda. from which the first brand name Icel would be the outcome.

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