Shiraki Hamono Messer

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Blade Length, mm
Kiritsuke Küchenmesser Shiraki Hamono Honyaki 24cm HRS
Japanese Shiraki Hamono Honyaki kitchen knife is completely handmade. Blade length is 240 mm. The blade is made of Shirogami Japanese carbon steel. A honyaki knife requires tremendous experience and time to make it. Only a small number of craftsmen in the world are able to make a knife like this. Honyaki translates to "properly forged."
Honyaki is forged entirely from a single piece of steel. Forging and shaping a knife is very difficult. Steel is rolled and forged many times to evenly distribute carbon.
The honyaki knife is tempered unevenly - to higher values ​​(up to HRC64-66) at the cutting edge. In reflected light, the boundary between parts with different hardening is visible and it is called jamon (hamon). The Japanese Honyaki knife requires professionalism in use and sharpening.
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