Aitor knives is dedicated to make mount knives, survival knives, bowie knives, hunting knives, luxe knives, scuba diving knives, big knives, thowers knives, kangaroo knives and other.
It was founded on 1939 and in his first time the production was bound to the sector cutler and hardware dealer, later is oriented towards “the Red” multipurpose pocket knife and the sport knive type.
Following with its evolution, we arrived finally with “the Green” line of multipurpose pocket knives and to the survival knives, through which the military and police market was approached.
From its origins, the main objective of Aitor knives, has been the manufacture of a product of hight quality, using the suitable materials more, with the most modern equipment of production and the most rigorous control in the manufacture of knives and penknives
Step by step, Aitor knives, has been gaining an associated prestige to a robust image and of quality, that has turned to him one of the manufacturers of cutlery more known Europe, with a mentality clearly exporter.
At the moment Aitor knives, exports 50% of its production to more than 50 countries distributed everywhere, between which it is possible to emphasize Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Argentina, Brazil and U.S.A.
At the Aitor knives, present time it is supplier of numerous armies and Official Organisms like the ONU and UNESCO.

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