Before order

Where do you ship orders from?

 - We deliver from Finland. Our stores (and their warehouses) are in Helsinki and Lappeenranta. More information about our stores can be found here: https://mygoodknife.com/en/stores

 Can I trust your store?

 - Lämmin Tuuli OY (FI24320220) has been in existence since 2011. Information about the company is freely available. First, MyGoodKnife are physical stores in the center of Helsinki and Lappeenranta. We ship your orders from them. You can visit our stores and purchase goods in them or place an online order. You can read reviews about the work of our online store on the independent resource Trustpilot: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/mygoodknife.com

Do you deliver to my country?

- We ship to most countries in the world. On the page of each product, the main method of delivery to the selected country, its cost, as well as the threshold for free delivery to the selected country are automatically indicated. If there are additional shipping methods for your country, you will see them in your shopping cart. The total shipping cost will be visible in the shopping cart.

Do you deliver to Russia?

- Due to the war in Ukraine delivery to the Russian Federation and Belorussia is temporarily suspended.

Do you sell original goods?

- Yes, we only sell original products in original packaging. We work directly with most manufacturers.

Do you sell new products?

- Yes, we only sell new, unused items. Items returned by customers usually end up in the Outlet.

Is the item I need in stock?

- If the product is in stock, it says "In Stock" on its page and indicates how many pieces are in the Lappeenranta store and how many are in the Helsinki store. The Add to Cart button is green.

What does "Shipping in 15-20 business days" mean?

 - We have many thousands of items at own stock, but we can not permanently keep at warehouse whole ranges of all manufacturers that we work with. But some manufacturers according to dealers agreements give us right to represent their whole range and accept pre-orders, since we get from them goods weekly. Terms of payment for Pre-order items are the same like for all items. 

If the product page doesn't have "In Stock", the "Add to Cart" button is yellow, and the button says "Ships in 15-20 working days" - this means that the product is available on pre-order. We order the goods in the manufacturer's warehouse and send it to you as soon as we receive it from the manufacturer. Please note that we indicate an estimated minimum waiting time for the goods. The final waiting time, as well as the general availability of goods, depends only on the production and storage capabilities of the manufacturer. We will keep you informed about the estimated delivery date.

Can I order a product that you do not have in store range?

- Please send a request to [email protected] and we will find out if we can order this product for you.

Can you give me a promo code for a discount?

- Since our prices correspond to the minimum prices recommended by manufacturers, we do not offer discount coupons. However, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive temporary promo codes from us. We also have a special Sale section: https://mygoodknife.com/en/prices-drop


During the order process

Can I pay for the order in the currency of my country?

- Not. We are a Finnish company and according to EU law, we only accept payments in euros. During the payment process, your bank will automatically convert at its rate.

I can not pay for the order; I have some problems with paying with the card.

- Some banks have special requirements, conditions or restrictions for making payments abroad. In case of problems with payment, we recommend contacting the customer service of your bank. Our company acts only as the recipient of the payment, we only see whether the payment for your order has been received or not.

Can I send you my credit card details for payment?

- Not. We do not see and cannot use your card details. All payments are fully secure and are processed by the largest financial operator in the EU, Nets. More information about payment methods and their security can be found here:


Do I have to pay taxes and fees in my country or does the price already include all possible taxes?

- For buyers from EU countries, the price already includes the VAT of the selected country. Buyers from EU countries do not need to pay customs fees. If you place an order for delivery to a country outside the EU - you are responsible for all possible duties and taxes in your country. We recommend that you check with the customs authorities of your country for information on taxes and fees that must be paid when purchasing from abroad. Payment of customs duties and taxes is the obligation of the buyer to the laws of his country, our store has nothing to do with this.

To whom and how should I pay the fee?

- The carrier company acts as an intermediary when paying for purchases from abroad. When the package arrives in your country, the shipping company will send you a notification with instructions and an invoice for duty payment in case duty payment is required.

Can you put a lower order amount on the documents, so I don't have to pay duty?

- In no case. All data from the order go to the customs documents automatically.

Can I get an invoice from you in the name of my company?

- If you want to place an order on behalf of a legal entity, you will need to fill in the tax number and company name. Our system will prompt you to do this in the shopping cart during the checkout process. Please note that in this case the order will be sent to the registered address of the company. If you have already placed an order on behalf of an individual, we will not be able to make any changes other than adding your company name to the note.

It is written that you offer free shipping, but in shopping cart I see shipping costs. Why?

- We offer Free shipping only for packages of standard weight up to 3 kg and standard length under 40 cm. 3 kg parcel might include for example up to 5 tactical, up to 12 folding or up to 10 kitchen knives. All parcels over 3 kg (physical or/and volumetric weight) are considered as “Heavy” and are paid at separate rates. The cost of delivery of a parcel with the status "Heavy" will be automatically calculated in the shopping cart depending on weight.


After order

 I placed an order and after that created an account. Why is my order not visible in my account?

- If you placed an order as a guest and created an account after placing the order, the system sees your order as placed by a guest. Only further orders placed by you as a registered user will be stored in your account.

I did not receive email with tracking number/order confirmation. 

 - If you did not receive from us email with tracking or order confirmation, please, firstly check Spam box also. If there is no email from us in Spam box also, that means that your mail box has setting blocking automatic emails. In this case please, contact us via [email protected] and we will send you tracking number manually.

I received a tracking number for my parcel, but when I click on the link, it says that there is no parcel with that number. What happened?

- You will receive an automatic email with the tracking number of the parcel at the moment when we started packing of your order. Tracking is not activated instantly, but after 24-48 hours, when the parcel arrives at the sorting center of the carrier company.

I placed an order, but now the site says that the product I have chosen is out of stock. What happened?

- Most likely you have purchased the last copy of the product. Since it is reserved by your order, our system says that the item is out of stock.

Is there a product warranty?

- Oh sure. The warranty period for all manufacturers is different. The decision to recognize the case under warranty is made by the manufacturer. In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us by email. [email protected]

Can I return a purchased product?

- Residents of EU countries have the right to return the purchased goods no later than 14 days after receiving it. In case of return of goods, the customer pays postage in both directions. Returns must be agreed in advance with customer service via email mail@mygoodknife.com

In case of a return, the buyer is fully responsible for the goods in transit, so we recommend using shipping with a tracking number. Return and exchange of goods sent outside the EU is not carried out (with the exception of warranty and insurance cases).

I used my right to return product and tracking number shows that you received parcel already an hour ago! Why I still do not see money back on my card \ bank account? 

- We do our best to proceed refund process within 1-2 working days after the product has been physically returned to us, however within the 14-day time given by law. For online-orders we always refund money by the same payment method which was used to pay the order. After processing, it will take a few business days for the refund to appear on your card or bank account. Card payment refunds generally take about 3-4 business days from the time the refund is executed. Transaction time always depends on your bank.

I bought an expensive knife. Knife for such value of money should not need any care, it should always be an ideal condition! Will I get my money back if it become rust, get cracks etc. ? 

- No, you will not get money back. All quality knives need care, especially Japanese expensive knives. Appearance of rust on knives; - small breaks on cutting edge; - curvature of the blade; - breakage of the tip of the knife; any traces after washing in dishwasher- arе not a warranty cases, but a result of improper care of the knife.

General questions

I wrote to you on Instagram /Facebook and you don't answer! Why?

 - Social networks are not a forms of communication with our customer service. Please use the forms of communication indicated on the Contact page: email, WhatsApp chat, phone.

I wrote to you email on weekend / night / public holiday. Why you are not answering? 

 - Our customer service is working only on business days 9-16 at Finnish time. This time zone can have differ from yours. We are not working on weekends and public holidays. But we will answer to you within 1-2 business days after receiving your request.  

Do you have sharpening and engraving services in your stores?

 - Not. We do not provide sharpening or engraving services.