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Chef's Knives

Chef’s knives, also known as a cook’s knives – are the most popular knives in the world. This is a universal tool for cooking both at home and in a professional kitchen. The length of the chef's knife blade is usually from 18 to 24 cm. However, depending on the requirements, the blade may be longer. Thanks to the universal geometry of the blade, the chef's knife is suitable for any task: slicing, shredding.

There are two common types of the blade shape of the European chef's knife: French and German. Cooking knives in the German style are more powerful and have a uniformly rounded cutting edge; French-style knives have a thinner, straight blade and only at the end bends to the tip.

Most European chef knives are made of stainless steel. In some professional kitchens, this is a prerequisite. Stainless steel knives are hygienic, do not require special care and have a sufficiently hard cutting edge. Some knife manufacturers also make chef knives from carbon steel. Most often, these are not European, but Japanese knife manufacturers. If you want to buy a chef's knife made of high-carbon steel, we recommend that you to check our range of Japanese gyuto chef knives

The classic chef knife has a full tang construction or the shank reaches the end of the handle. This not only makes the knife durable, but also provides balance. Sometimes the heel of a chef's knife is protected by a kind of fuse. This prevents possible cuts from slipping the finger on the sharp heel. As a rule, knives of this design are preferred by beginner cooks.

The thickness of the European chef's knife is usually 2-5 mm. Weight from 170 to 300 grams. The weight depends both on the construction (full tang knives, of course, are heavier) and on the materials of the handle. Professional chef knives have handles made of synthetic materials. It can be a special plastic, micarta, metal or rubber. Wooden handles are also very popular, but more in the home kitchen, as they are not hygienic enough. 

Despite the fact that many manufacturers indicate on the packaging that the knife can be washed in the dishwasher, we do not recommend it. Washing in the dishwasher causes damage to the handle, and the cutting edge is quickly blunted.

In MyGoodKnife store you will find chef's knives made by Zwilling J.A.Henckels, Kasumi, Tojiro, Nesmuk, Seki Kanetsugu, Böker, Victorinox, Miyabi and other famous manufacturers. If you have any questions choosing the chef knife, our customer service will be happy to help you in an online chat or through the contact form. We ship the best chef knives worldwide!

Steak Knives and Steak Knife Sets

A steak knife is a sharp table knife, used for cutting steak. Steak knives usually have a serrated blade - in order to easily cut off a piece of meat. If the blade has a cutting edge without a serrator, the steak knife should be perfectly sharpened. The standard length of the blade of a steak knife is 10-12 cm. Sets of steak knives usually include from 2 to 6 pieces. Such a set will be a wonderful gift for any holiday. You can buy the best table knives and steak knives from us. Our assortment includes traditional and folding steak knives, which are convenient, for example, to take with you to a restaurant. We offer Laguiole steak knives and other French table knives.

Japanese Knives

We offer a wide range of traditional Japanese kitchen knives. Both sharper and thinner, traditional Japanese knives typically use a harder blade steel and a small cutting angle (15 degrees as opposed to 20 degrees). There are a number of different types of Japanese kitchen knives. The most commonly used types are: deba bocho (fish filleting), santoku (all-purpose utility knife), nakiri bocho and usuba (Japanese vegetable knives), gyuto chef knife and yanagi ba (sashimi slicers). Japanese Damascus knives are considered one of the best in the world.

Despite the fact that Japanese knives are very sharp, they can not be used for too hard, as well as for frozen foods. If you try to cut very hard products, pieces of the cutting edge may be break away. Even in factory production, a lot of manual labor is used in the making of Japanese kitchen knives. Therefore, the dimensions stated on the product page may differ slightly from the actual ones. This is not a defect. You can always ask our consultants to additionally measure the knife you are interested in in order to clarify the thickness of the butt or the width of the blade. Please note that due to the design and materials, Japanese kitchen knives are lighter than European ones. This is an advantage, since when working with such a knife, the hand does not get tired. In addition, due to the small weight, the Japanese knife is convenient to hold with any grip.

Japanese hand crafted knives usually have a three-layer construction. The core is made of very hard steel. On both sides it is protected by plates made of softer steel. Thanks to the clads, the blade becomes more flexible and will not break. The clads can be made of multilayer steel (Damascus), stainless steel and even iron. Most Japanese knives are made of carbon steel, which is susceptible to corrosion. Damascus Japanese knives are usually most popular as a beautiful gift. 

How to care Japanese kitchen knives?

Regardless of what materials the Japanese kitchen knife is made of, it cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Hot water and detergents damage the materials of the handle and blade. We recommend washing the knife by hand and wiping it dry immediately after use. For the care of kitchen knives from Japan, we recommend using camellia oil, and for sharpening - whetstones or ceramic sharpeners. The sharpening angle of Japanese kitchen knives is usually 15 degrees. European knives have a larger angle – 20 degrees. Therefore, Japanese knives cannot be sharpened with standard European roller sharpeners.

To protect the blade during storage and transportation, use a special scabbard – saya. They can also be purchased separately in our store. The blade is inserted into the wooden saya and, if necessary, secured with a pin. Before buying a saya sheath for your Japanese knife, we recommend consulting with the sellers to make sure that the protection scabbard is suitable for the selected knife. In our store you can buy online Japanese kitchen knives, handmade by blacksmiths like Yu Kurosaki, Yoshimi Kato, Takeshi Saji as well as famous factories such as Tojiro, Kasumi, Mcusta Zanmai, Global, Miyabi, Seki Kanetsugu and others.

Every Japanese knife has a piece of the soul of the masters who made it. Today, Japanese kitchen knives are rightfully considered the best in the world.

Kitchen knives Sets & Cutlery Sets

Update your kitchen necessities with our selection of cutlery sets. Kitchen knives are essential tools in every kitchen. A set of kitchen knives usually includes: a chef's knife, a bread knife and a vegetable knife. In addition, a slicing knife and a utility knife 13-15 cm can be included. Also, a set of knives can also contain a sharpening tool and / or scissors. Sometimes a stand also is included. Manufacturers offer kitchen knife sets in different configurations, so you can choose a set according to your needs. If you are not sure exactly how many knives you need in your kitchen or if you are buying a set of knives as a gift, we recommend choosing sets from large series. Then, if necessary, it will be possible to purchase the necessary models of knives from the same collection.

On the other hand, a large quality set of knives in a stand will help you cope with any task in the kitchen. Here you can buy sets of kitchen knives for your home. Sets for professional chefs and students of culinary schools are presented in another, separate category.

Bread Knives

The bread knife has a wavy blade that allows you to cut food without crushing. The serrated blade easily cuts a strong bread crust and does not crush the crumb. Such a knife can also be used for slicing melons, watermelons, tomatoes, pineapples. In fact, a bread knife is not cut, but sawed. The tip of the bread knife blade is always rounded or cut at right angles to the cutting edge. This form ensures safety during sawing movements.

   As a rule, a bread knife has a blade 20-30 cm long. There are longer and wider - pastry knives. However, for home use, the standard version with a 20 cm long blade is suitable. Often such bread knives are included in basic sets of kitchen knives.

    As a rule, bread knives are made of stainless steel. It does not corrode and is easy to care for. Bread knives do not need frequent sharpening. If the cutting edge is blunted, sharpening rods should be used. Suitable tools can be found in our range of sharpeners.

   Our assortment includes the best bread knives from Zwilling J.A.Henckels, Global, Tojiro, Opinel, Nesmuk, Seki Kanetsugu, ICEL, Kyocera, Tramontina and other manufacturers.

Carving Knives & Slicing Knives

Here you can buy best slicing knives. A slicing knife is an essential tool for cutting large pieces of meat at any restaurant, buffet, or catering business. Zwilling J.A,Henckels, Global, Tojiro, Opinel, Nesmuk, Seki Kanetsugu, Böker, Marttiini and other.

Fruit and Vegetable Knives

Vegetable knives (paring and peeling knives) are designed for cleaning and cutting vegetables and fruits, as well as removing potato eyes, decorating and other small tasks. Deservedly small vegetable knife is one of the most popular knife models and is included in the so-called "chef's three" - 3 main knives mandatory for every kitchen. Indeed, almost no housewife or cook can do without a paring knife. According to their purpose, vegetable kitchen knives are divided into Peeling and Paring knives.

    Peeling knife usually has a short blade with a concave cutting edge. The shape of the blade is similar to a crescent (sometimes it is called a Tourne knife). The blade is convenient for cleaning round and oval vegetables and fruits. The shape of such a knife is also called Bird's beak. The blade length of peeling knives usually does not exceed 6-8 cm. There are also more rare variants of the blade shape of a vegetable knife, such as for example "sheep foot".

    Paring knife is more versatile. In fact, it can be used both for slicing and for peeling vegetables and fruits. Such a knife has a straight or rounded cutting edge. The blade length of the paring knife is from 6 to 10 cm.

    Japanese vegetable knives are different from European ones. Analogues of a paring and peeling knives are shotoh and kudamono. Petty knives are slightly longer than ordinary vegetable knives, but they can also be used for slicing and peeling vegetables and fruits. Also, nakiri knives are traditionally used for chopping and slicing vegetables. To choose the right vegetable knife, you need to understand what tasks you will use it for: peeling, slicing, cutting or chopping. If you want to buy a vegetable knife for use in a professional kitchen or you often cook food at home, it is better to purchase different options: paring, peeling and nakiri.

Cleaver Knives

Kitchen cleaver is largely used as a kitchen or butcher knife intended for hacking through bone. Kitchen cleaver can also be used for crushing in food preparation (such as garlic). Here you can buy best kitchen cleavers at low prices.

Boning Knives

Here you can buy boning knives at low prices. A boning knife is a type of kitchen knife with a sharp point and narrow blade. Boning knife is used in food preparation for removing the bones of poultry, meat, and fish. In our selection you can find boning knives Zwilling, Global, Tojiro, Opinel, Nesmuk, Seki Kanetsugu, ICEL, Kyocera, Tramontina, Böker, Marttiini, Martinez&Gascon and other. Buy boning knives with free shipping!

Ceramic Knives

In MyGoodKnife-store you can buy best ceramic knives. The hardness of the ceramic gives these knives their long-lasting good looks, as well as a razor sharp edge that does not require sharpening for years. Ceramic blades are non-porous, preventing bacterial growth. Ceramic knives are chemically inert; will not impart a metallic smell or taste. Also ceramic knives have very light weight. We ship ceramic knives worldwide.

Utility Knives & Petty Knives

A utility kitchen knife is between a chef's knife and paring knife in size, about 10 cm and 18 cm (4 and 7 inches) in length. Utility and petty knives are ideal for medium-sized tasks. Here you can buy best petty knives at low prices.

Cheese Knives

A cheese knife is a type of kitchen knife specialized for the cutting of cheese. Different cheeses require different knives, according primarily to hardness; most often cheese knife refers to a knife designed for soft cheese.

Chef's Knives Sets and Student's Knife Sets

Here you can buy knife set at low price. Knife sets for students of culinary schools and for professional chefs. Usually knife set includes 5-15 knives and case for knives. A good knife is any cook's most important tool. So, choose your tools.

Uzbek Pchak Knives

Pchak is an asian knife for the meat dishes, BBQ. All knives are made by hand. Due to the fact that all knives are handcrafted, sizes and colors may be slightly different from declared. Comes in a disposable sheath. Buy uzbek pchaks at low price!

Fillet Knives

The fillet knife is designed to separate fish and poultry fillets from bones, as well as for slicing fish and meat into thin slices. Such a knife has a narrow and, as a rule, flexible blade. A filleting knife is rarely included in a standard set of kitchen knives, so you can buy it separately in our store.

   The blade of a fillet knife is usually made of stainless steel. The handle can be made of synthetic or natural materials. The advantages of plastic and rubber handles are that they are more hygienic. Wooden handles are more aesthetically attractive, but they can absorb odors if they are not coated with a special varnish.

    The blade length of a filleting knife is usually from 10 to 30 cm. Shorter knives can be used for filleting poultry, and longer ones for fish. For fish, it is recommended to use a knife with a blade length one and a half to two times longer than the width of the carcass. To prevent the hand from slipping off, most fillet knives have a finger rest.

The European fillet knife can become an alternative to the Japanese yanagiba knife, since it can also be used as a sushi knife. These two models of knives differ in flexibility. Yanagiba has a straight solid blade, and a fillet knife is flexible, often bent upwards.

If you want to buy a fillet knife for use not in the kitchen, but in nature, for example, fishing, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our range of fishing knives.

Our range includes the best fillet knives from Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Global, Tojiro, Opinel, Nesmuk, Seki Kanetsugu, ICEL, Kyocera, Tramontina, Böker, Marttiini and other manufacturers.

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Gyuto Kitchen knife Takeshi Saji VG10, rosewood OUTLET 24cm HJ-41709
OUTLET! Minor scratches on the knife blade. (manufacturing defects). The japanese gyuto HJ-41709 chef knife is handmade by Takeshi Saji. The core of the damascus blade is made of premium japanese VG-10 steel. Blade length is 24 cm. The rosewood handle is both beautiful and practical. The bolster is made of buffalo horn. Weight of japanese chef knife Takeshi Saji is 170 g. Takeshi Saji is a Chairman of Saji Blacksmith (Japan). Member of Japan Knife Guild and Japan Custom Knife Makers. In 1992, he was officially certified as Dentoukougeishi, a “Traditional Master Craftsman” by the Japanese “Ministry of International Trade & Industry”.

In stock

Kitchen knife Ketuo Butcher 16.5cm KETM5104
Ketuo Butcher knife has  6.5" (16.51cm) stainless steel blade.  Total length is 11" (27.94cm) . Walnut handle. Full tang construction. Brown leather belt sheath included. Boxed.

In stock

Kitchen knife Browning Combo 0324B
Satin finish 420J2 stainless blade. Black and yellow rubberized polymer handle. Includes: 12.25" overall large fillet with 7.25" blade; 10.75" overall small fillet with 5.75" blade; 9.75" overall sawback with 4.75" serrated blade; Sharpening rod. Nylon knife roll. Boxed.

In stock

Paring Kitchen knife Old Hickory 8.2cm OH7533
This Old Hickory vegetable knife has a carbon steel blade and wood handle. 6.75 inch (17.15cm) overall. 3.25 inch (8.26cm) satin finish blade. Made in USA.

In stock

Paring Kitchen knife Old Hickory 10.8cm OH7065KSS
Old Hickory Paring knife is 7.63" (19,4 cm) overall. The knife has s 4.25" (10.8cm) satin finish stainless steel blade. Brown wood handle. Bulk packed. Made in the USA.

In stock

Santoku Kitchen knife Seki Kanetsugu 21 Excel 16.5cm 2011
The Seki Kanetsugu Santoku knife, part of the 21 Excel series, is designed for slicing meat or vegetables. Its attractive and resilient handle, crafted from black laminated strengthened wood, not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability and easy cleaning. The handle is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in the hand. The blade, featuring Micro-dent carving, is constructed from molybdenum stainless steel, providing exceptional sharpness. This type of blade maintains its sharp edge up to five times longer than conventional knives, making it a reliable choice for various kitchen tasks.

In stock

Sujihiki Kitchen knife Seki Kanetsugu Hocho Plastic Handle 27cm 4033
The Seki Kanetsugu Sujihiki Hocho Plastic Handle is a slicing knife with a narrow, long blade that smoothly slices through meat or vegetables, preserving the integrity of each ingredient's freshness. The beautiful, highly durable, and easy-to-clean handle is crafted from polypropylene resin and inorganics, fitting perfectly in the hand. The blade is made of 1K-6 Daido Steel Co., Ltd.'s original molybdenum vanadium stainless steel.

In stock

Sujihiki Kitchen knife Seki Kanetsugu Hocho Plastic Handle 24cm 4032
Sujihiki from the Hocho series from Seki Kanetsugu is a slicing knife with a long, narrow blade that cuts meat or vegetables smoothly while maintaining the integrity of the freshness of each ingredient. The blade is made of original 1K-6 molybdenum vanadium stainless steel produced by Daido Steel Co., Ltd. The beautiful, very durable and easy-to-clean handle is made of polypropylene resin and inorganic materials and fits perfectly in the hand.

In stock

Gyuto Kitchen knife Seki Kanetsugu Saiun 20cm 9005
Seki Kanetsugu Saiun 9005 has famous Cobalt VG-10 Steel core forge-layered with Damascus Stainless steel blade. (Total 33 layers, HRC60 to 61). Beautiful Damascus pattern blade enhanced with elegant wood-grain and round shaped Black Linen Micarta Handle. This is a very durable and shrinkage proof Micarta material imported from Spain.

In stock

Santoku Kitchen knife Tojiro Color 17cm F-262BK
Kitchen knife Santoku F-262BK from the Tojiro Color series with a blade length of 17 cm. The blade is made from Molybdenum Vanadium steel which is very durable and often used to make surgical knives. Use the santoku for chopping, slicing and mincing  meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Handle is antibacterial treated elastomer, which is non-slip and easy to grip, very hygienic and durable. The model has a high resistance against rust and suitable for professional use. Weight 130 gr.

In stock

Kitchen knife Tojiro Shippu Black Paring 13cm FD-1592
Tojiro Shippu BlackDP Damascus Steel Utility Knife with130mm blade. By forging steel of two different hardness over and over, elegant ripple pattern emerges and high uniformity of core steel VG10 eventually generate maximum sharpness. Black oxide processing, which is the technology often used for medical equipment, has been applied on blade. The blade thus has both outstanding corrosion resistance and beautiful visual aspect. Chestnut handle has excellent durability, and additionally applied fire treatment on surface makes it even stronger.

In stock

Gyuto Kitchen knife Tojiro Zen 18cm FD-563
Tojiro Zen FD-563 gyuto with 18 cm blade. VG10 as core steel, clad by 13-chrome stainless steel, it has achieved both professional sharpness and easy maintenance. Handle is made from magnolia and has good water resistance. Weight of Tojiro Zen 3Layered Cobalt Alloy Steel Chef Knife is 120 g.

In stock

Fixed blade Knife Marttiini Cabin Chef Puukko 8cm 441010
The convenient Cabin Chef Little Knife is a universal kitchen assistant. A harmonious combination of beautiful design and practicality ensures that the knife will be a pleasure to use. The knife blade is made of high quality, durable stainless steel. The handle is made of Finnish heat-treated birch. We recommend hand washing. Weight 85 g. The knife comes in a leather sheath.

In stock

Nakiri Kitchen knife Tojiro VG10 Hammered 17cm F-1113
Tojiro VG10 Hammered Nakiri has 17 cm blade. Nakiri is Japanese-style vegetable knife. Weight is 245 g. Blade is made of VG10 steel. VG10 is one of the best stainless steels used in the making of Japanese knives. It is highly regarded for it good edge retention, toughness, and superior stain resistance. VG10 Hammered is a new line of Tojiro knives.

In stock

Petty Kitchen knife Tojiro DP Damascus VG10 13.5cm F-333
Tojiro Petty knife F-333 with 13,5 cm blade. This knife has classic kitchen knife's handle made of reinforced laminated material. Real forged multilayered blade made by the same manufacturing process as Japanese sword making. It is very precise and has excellent sharpness. Each knife comes in an individual box.

In stock

Gyuto Kitchen knife Tojiro Origami 18cm F-772
Gyuto F-772 from the Tojiro Origami series with a blade length of 18 cm. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel. Image comes from “Origami” – Japanese traditional paper craft that forms many kinds of figures by folding a sheet of paper. The ergonomic handle is made of high carbon stainless steel. This knife is made from a folded metal sheet, no welding process involved. Its design is very unique and awarded by iF Design Award – world’s famous product design award. The model has a high resistance against rust and suitable for professional use. Each knife comes in an individual box. Weight 170 gr.

In stock

Santoku Kitchen knife Tojiro Origami 16.5cm F-771
Santoku F-771 from the Tojiro Origami series with a blade length of 16,5 cm. The ergonomic handle is made of high carbon stainless steel. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel.  Image comes from “Origami” – Japanese traditional paper craft that forms many kinds of figures by folding a sheet of paper. This knife is made from a folded metal sheet, no welding process involved. Its design is very unique and awarded by iF Design Award – world’s famous product design award. The model has a high resistance against rust and suitable for professional use. Each knife comes in an individual box. Weight 170 gr.

In stock

In every home there are usually at least three kitchen knives. The minimum set is: a chef's knife, a small knife for vegetables, as well as a bread or universal knife, slicer or fillet knife - depending on what you cook or eat more often. We offer a wide range of best kitchen knives. In our online-store you can shop for western and Japanese kitchen knives.  Famous brands of cooking knives: Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Global, Tojiro, Nesmuk, Seki Kanetsugu, Kyocera, Kasumi and others. We offer chef knives, slicing, table and other kitchen knives with shipping worldwide.

Choosing a new knife for kitchen, pay attention on steel and handle materials. For example, cooking knife made of carbon steel will stay sharp longer, than knife made of stainless steel, but it will require more care. Choosing between Japanese and European kitchen knife, remember that Japanese knives are lighter in weight, and also have an another  sharpening angle. If the cook knife can be washed in the dishwasher, this will be written on the product packaging. However, we do not recommend washing any knives in the dishwasher, as this makes them blunt, and the handle material gets damages.

Also in our online-shop you can buy cutting boards, knife blocks, aprons, bags - all, that you could need at your kitchen.