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  • We updated the website
    We updated the website

    Dear customers. Our website is moving to a new platform. The online store will become even more convenient. Due to technical works, some problems and bags may occur in the near future. This is temporary, our specialists are currently working on troubleshooting all the problems. If you notice that something is not working or is it working incorrectly, please let us know. Our technical department will solve the problem as soon as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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  • MKM knives - Maniago Knife Makers - are in stock
    MKM knives - Maniago Knife Makers - are in stock

    We are glad to inform that MKM knives arrived to our stock. MKM, or Maniago Knife Makers, is a consortium representing knife-makers from ‘the home of knives’ around the world. The company is headquartered in Maniago itself, around 70 miles from Venice in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy). Currently Maniago Knife Makers (MKM) is a collaboration of four of the larger knife manufacturers in Italy; LionSteel, Viper, FOX Knives, and Mercury.

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  • Yoshimi Kato Bunka unboxing
    Yoshimi Kato Bunka unboxing

    Our customer treat himself with great Japanese Yoshimi Kato kitchen knife. 

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  • Brous Blades unboxing
    Brous Blades unboxing

    Thanks to our customer for buying this beautiful Brous Blades folding knife.

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  • New Legend in stock - Mikov knives!
    New Legend in stock - Mikov knives!

    Now you can buy Mikov knives in Mikov, s.r.o. is a world-renowned traditional producer of office equipment, industrial staples of brand RON and wide portfolio of knives Mikov. The company is fully Czech-owned, and it is proud of its historical roots of honest craft.  You also can buy at Mygoodknife store the legend among pocket folding knives – the Rybička knife.

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  • Increasing cases of fraud
    Increasing cases of fraud

    Unfortunately, cases when scammers use photos of MyGoodKnife on fake sites have become more frequent.

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  • Buck Folding Hunter Unboxing
    Buck Folding Hunter Unboxing

    Thank to our customer for his small unboxing video about his brand new Buck 110 Folding Hunters.

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  • Japanese knives unboxing
    Japanese knives unboxing

    Unboxing video of Japanese kitchen knives from our Finnish customer. At first glance, he appreciated the quality and elegance of these knives.

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  • New products in stock - Defcon knives and S-TEC knives
    New products in stock - Defcon knives and S-TEC knives

    Now you can buy Defcon knives and S-TEC products in our stores and on the official website Both brands are owned by Top Quest Inc., founded back in 2013 by Mr. Sam Sung. (Lämmin Tuuli Oy) is the official distributor of Defcon knives and S-Tec knives in Finland. All Defcon knives have a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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  • Unboxing from Austria
    Unboxing from Austria

    Unboxing video of Cold Steel Chaos knife from our customer. 

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  • Unboxing of Victorinox and more
    Unboxing of Victorinox and more

    Nice unboxing video of parcel full of Victorinox knives and more from our customer.

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  • Ittetsu unboxing
    Ittetsu unboxing

    Unboxing video of Ittetsu kitchen knife from our Finnish customer.

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