The Cuda® story began nearly 40 years ago as Rick Constantine grew up in the hunting and fishing world. Guided by his best friend and father Capt. Ted Constantine, Rick spent countless hours on the water and in the woods. His passion drove him to become a charter boat captain and commercial fisherman. This provided him the opportunity to test nearly every fishing knife and tool on the market and in the most extreme conditions. Finally Rick decided it was time to develop a line of marine tools that combined his passion with Acme United’s patented technologies and innovations.

And so it began, Rick put a team together and set his sights on a brand that would exceed anything currently on the market; a brand that would set itself apart from the pack…Cuda Brand!

Now, Cuda has launched one of the most comprehensive lines of fishing tools. The tools are created with a breakthrough design that allows the angler to actually see that the knife has a full tang construction. In addition, Cuda brand tools utilize Acme’s patented Titanium Bonded Passivation technology and German 4116 steel for unsurpassed corrosion resistance. This intelligent innovation sets the assortment apart for all other tools available today. Cuda uses only the best in materials including Titanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, German Stainless Steel and Tungsten Carbide, guaranteeing the ultimate in performance. In fact, Cuda guarantees all of its tools with a lifetime warranty!

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