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Blade Length, mm
Case Martinez&Gascon for chef knives О648
Professional Briefcase for 20 pieces, with skin coated nylon.
Ideal for professional chefs and culinary students. Once opened a double rug with nylon fabric on which to place and clamp the knife.
Features: The kit provides great security and cleanliness when you transport the knives, plus great fixation in all parts. Closed 510 x 230 x 80 mm, open 880 x 510 mm

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Kitchen knife Martinez&Gascon Madera 12.5cm 1851
Its size makes it ideal for peeling and removing the heart of fruit and vegetables. This type of knife in the kitchen is usually used to make special decorations. Its blade are very hard to prevent accidents and its sharpness handmade by professional cutlers.

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Kitchen knife Martinez&Gascon Frances Forjado 22.5cm O603
A utility knife used highly by professional and amateur cooks making it indispensable in any kitchen.

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Martinez & Gascon is a famous knife manufacture from Spain. Over 50 years Martinez&Gascon guarantee experience in the industry, offering the highest level of quality and commitment to follow a path cutting edge, creating new designs and ergonomics that provide solutions to their needs.