Pokka Reindeer Hides

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Reindeer Hide Pokka Standart Quality Large SQ205WL
Large reindeer hide is a natural, versatile, cozy and authentic item. Reindeer hide can be used to decorate interior and exterior walls, as decorative coverings, clothing, pillows, and as insulation for snowmobile seats. Reindeer hide creates a homely feel and atmosphere in a place you value. Each reindeer hide is unique, handcrafted, and each has its own story.
Length: ~ 110-150 cm
Width: ~ 80-120 cm
Attention! Dimensions stated may differ from actual ones. 

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Pokka Reindeer Hides is an family-run enterprise founded by Olavi Pokka in 1969. In 2001, the company’s activities were taken on by the family’s son, Harri Pokka together with his wife Mariela Pokka. The corporate idea of Pokka Reindeer Hides is to provide high-quality reindeer hides for interior decoration purposes. The company cherish traditional production methods and focus on high quality and first-class work. Each of their decorative hides is skilfully prepared by hand, with machined assistance used during various stages of the work. Pokka Reindeer Hides believes in respecting nature as we handle the unique raw materials it provides.