Zlatoust AIR Knives

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Blade Length, mm
Fixed blade Knife Zlatoust AIR Teterev 12.2cm
Hunting and Outdoor knife Zlatoust AIR Teterev with 12,2 cm long blade. Knife Teterev created for hunters and cutting meat. The leather handle does not allow the knife to slip. The blade is made of steel 95X18. On the blade there is a deep engraving of grouse. Knife Teterev made by company Zlatoust AIR in Russia.

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The production of AIR knives started in 1999. Unlike other companies which produced expensive knives decorated with gold, AIR company launched its activity with simple and reliable hunting knives. AIR knives became one of the knives manufacturing leaders on Zlatoust town anniversary. AIR knives production maintains traditions from past which is combined with modern technologies and excellent quality. AIR company was one of the first ones who started producing AIR touristic knives. No permission from the Home Secretary was needed for this production. AIR was the first company in Russia that started serial manufacture of top-class AIR knives with leather and birch handles. These handles enable AIR knives to be used in extreme temperature conditions. AIR knives blades are forged from Zlatoust’s high-carbon restless steel with great technical characteristics. Thanks to damask steel Zladinox Damasteell, AIR knives have acquired outstanding admiration. This kind of steel differentiates from common types of damask due to its compound and technology of steel jointing. AIR knives are made of stainless steel, category 95x18 and 40H10S4M tempered to 54-56, 56-58 HRC.