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  • New Legend in stock - Mikov knives!
    New Legend in stock - Mikov knives!

    Now you can buy Mikov knives in Mikov, s.r.o. is a world-renowned traditional producer of office equipment, industrial staples of brand RON and wide portfolio of knives Mikov. The company is fully Czech-owned, and it is proud of its historical roots of honest craft.  You also can buy at Mygoodknife store the legend among pocket folding knives – the Rybička knife.

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  • Increasing cases of fraud
    Increasing cases of fraud

    Unfortunately, cases when scammers use photos of MyGoodKnife on fake sites have become more frequent.

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  • New products in stock - Defcon knives and S-TEC knives
    New products in stock - Defcon knives and S-TEC knives

    Now you can buy Defcon knives and S-TEC products in our stores and on the official website Both brands are owned by Top Quest Inc., founded back in 2013 by Mr. Sam Sung. (Lämmin Tuuli Oy) is the official distributor of Defcon knives and S-Tec knives in Finland. All Defcon knives have a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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  • Shipping to Russia is temporarily suspended.  EMS parcels to Asia have delays.
    Shipping to Russia is temporarily suspended. EMS parcels to Asia have delays.

    Dear customers! Due to transport restrictions, we are forced to temporarily suspend the shipment of orders to Russia. The war in Ukraine is causing changes in international transport and deliveries of EMS parcels especially to Asia may be delayed or suspended. Finnish Post is constantly looking for alternative routes for canceled connections.

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  • MGK Team from Lappeenranta at IWA exhibition 02.-06.03. Small delays with shipping.
    MGK Team from Lappeenranta at IWA exhibition 02.-06.03. Small delays with shipping.

    Dear customers! Please, pay attention that our store Lappeenranta (Valtakatu 52) will be closed 2-6 of March, because our team will be in Nurnberg at IWA OutdoorClassics exhibition. Because of this orders that include items located only in Lappeenranta warehouse will be shipped with several business days delays. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • Timetable of store in Lappeenranta
    Timetable of store in Lappeenranta

    Due to the fact that our main store and warehouse located in Lappeenranta is overloaded with a large number of online orders and the registration of new goods, the showroom will be open to visitors only by prior agreement (on weekdays). You can arrange your visit by email [email protected] The store's warehouse and office work as usual on weekdays. The store in Helsinki is open to visitors as usual on weekdays from 10 to 17.

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  • Black Friday!
    Black Friday!

    This year Black Friday is for our subscribers! Do you want to but any knife with a discount? Subscribe to MyGoodKnife newsletter and on the eve of Black Friday you will receive an email with a secret promo-code for a discount. The promo-code will only be valid for 48 hours: November 26-27.

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  • Brexit updates
    Brexit updates

    The United Kingdom has left the EU on January 1, 2021. Our systems are ready and working according to this. Since January 1 items selling to UK are not obligated with VAT and delivering with VAT 0%. Same time items must be cleared through customs. So all parcels sending to UK will include necessery customs info (declarion with info about goods and it's value and commercial invoice). Customer is responsible for possible taxes in UK. 

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  • Local taxes for EU-countries
    Local taxes for EU-countries

    Dear customers! Now for your convenience, all prices are shown immediately with the VAT of the choosen country. If in your country, for ex. VAT 21% - it is included to price. For non-EU countries, prices are shown without VAT (VAT 0%). In shopping cart only delivery costs may be added - if order's amount is less than 100 euros or if you choose a special delivery option like UPS.

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  • Delays with EMS and Priority parcels
    Delays with EMS and Priority parcels

    Dear customers, please, pay your attention, that Finnish Post informs about  delays with EMS and Priority parcels because of Corona-virus situation. With different countries making decisions regarding border closures and the reduction of the number of flights offered by airlines, parcels and other items sent abroad may experience delays. Often cargo planes are loaded primarily with the necessary medical equipment, so absolutely all shipping companies declare delays. The biggest part of parcel...

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  • Salmiakki in each order in March
    Salmiakki in each order in March

    Salmiakki, known in English as salty licorice, is a popular treat in Finland and other Nordic countries. Flavored with ammonium chloride, salmiakki has a strong, salty flavor — which Finns love. Do you like Salmiakki like we do? Let's check! In March we will put Salmiakki as a gift to each order! *You may share your impressions, for example, on our Facebook page.

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  • Kizer Cutlery Knives
    Kizer Cutlery Knives

    MyGoodKnife is proud to become a dealer of Kizer Cutlery. KIZER is the first Chinese knife company to build a premium reputation based on outstanding quality and products which changes a generation of knife users' views of "made in China" label! Since KIZER entered the knife market in 2012, it has commited to bring you the premium knives with high-end quality. Kizer uses high-tech wire EDM machines for cutting out their parts. This method is slower than laser or water jet but the look and...

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