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  • Unboxing video of Buck 110 Auto
    Unboxing video of Buck 110 Auto

    Unboxing video of Buck 110 Folding Hunter Auto from Martin, our customer from Ireland. Buck's Folding Hunter was created in 1963 when Al Buck decided that a revolutionary folding locking knife was needed by outdoorsmen who wanted a sturdy knife but did not want to carry a long fixed blade knife. Now legendary Buck 110 Folding Hunter is available as an automatic. Remember, that we offer 30 euro promo-code for your unboxing video of purchaising from MyGoodKnife. All terms are HERE.

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  • Online-shop works 24/7

    Dear customers! Our stores are temporary closed, but you are kindly welcome to online-shop All shipping companies work normally and we ship your orders normally.   Online orders are absolutely safety. We pack all orders in gloves and use desinfectors.  Remember, that we offer FREE WORLDWIDE shipping for orders over 100 euro. Online orders are shipped daily from Lappeenranta and with several days delay from Helsinki.

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  • Unboxing of pchak knife

    Thanks to our customer Indo Steklov for great unboxing video with uzbek pchak-knife! (video is in Finnish language) Remember, that MyGoodKnife will give you 30 euro promo-code to your next order for unboxing video! When you receive the product from us, you just should: - Record and upload the unboxing video to YouTube from your account. - Name it "MyGoodKnife unboxing" and tag our website (item's page or online-shop's page - Send link to us and get 30 euro...

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  • Seki Kanetsugu knives

    Our new small video from Seki Kanetsugu factory! This kitchen knife manufacturer established in 1918. Seki Kanetsugu knives are not expensive. We were afraid, that may be these knives are made in China, because cheaper then others. But no, all Seki Kanetsugu are made in Seki city. Seki Kanetsugu just wants to popularize japanese knives, so their prices are lower, then usually japanese knives cost. How Seki Kanetsugu knives are made - see at our video.

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  • Rice and knives! Our new film about uzbek knives.

    Discover our new film about Uzbekistan at YouTube channel! Uzbek street food and handmade knives! Knives, made of parts of old cars! We named our film "Rice and Knives" as two most important parts of Uzbek culture. Let's explore Uzbekistan with us and see how Pchaks (domestic trasitional knives) are made. And also find out the secrets of Uzbek cuisine. Do not forget to switch on english subtitles! And you for sure can buy uzbek knives at our store HERE.

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  • Moroccan daggers: price and history

    MyGoodKnife team in Morocco! In our new video you will see markets of this magical country and the famous Moroccan daggers! What are the feautures of koummya dagger? What is the price of antique moroccan dagger? Cold weapons made of gold and berber daggers as EDC knives. All this and much more in our new film! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and see movies about knives from all over the world! Secrets of production, interviews with interesting people of knife sphere and much more from...

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  • Kasumi knives: how they were born. Our new video from Seki, Japan.

    One of the best Japanese kitchen knives – Kasumi – are made on Sumikama Cutlery factory in Seki. Our new video from factory and interview with it’s director, mr. Katsumi Sumikama now at our YouTube channel!. When Damascus chef knives were born? What is the best steel for kitchen knives? How Kasumi knives are made? Follow our YouTube channel and you will see, how knives are made; tours inside best factories; interview with interesting people from knife world.

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  • Seki Cutlery Festival in Japan

    Have you been to Japan? Movie about Seki Cutlery Festival and Seki Outdoor Knife Show at our YouTube Channel! Seki - is the capital of Japanese knife and sward making already 700 years! Best japanese knives, sword forging, biggest knife market and other ineteresting things! Check and follow us at YouTube!

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  • How Tojiro knives are made? Factory tour to Tojiro
    How Tojiro knives are made? Factory tour to Tojiro

    MyGoodKnife Team visited Tojiro factory in Japan. How Tojiro knives are made? Check at our video. Tojiro is one of the best manufacture of japanese kitchen knives. And the biggest part of manufacturing process is making by hands. Subscribe to our Youtube-channel and will see video from best knife manufactires and knife festivals! *MyGoodKnife is official distributor of Tojiro.

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  • Chan Wah Kee master knife-sharpener

    Our new video about Chan Wah Kee - master knife-sharpener. Follow our Youtube channel and will see knife factories tours, interview with blacksmiths and other interesting video!

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  • Mr.Tomohiro Hasegawa (Mcusta Zanmai) in store in Helsinki

    Mr.Tomohiro Hasegawa - president of Marusho Industry Inc. in store in Helsinki. Interview about Mcusta Zanmai knives. MyGoodKnife is an official retailer of Mcusta Zanmai knives. In our stores you can buy Mcusta Zanmai knives with free shipping. Guide for interview with Mr. Tomohiro Hasegawa: 1. Mcusta – what does it mean? (00:38-01:26) 2. How many knives produces Mcusta? (01:29-02:02) 3. What steel Mcusta Zanmai knives are made of? (02:40-03:40) 4. Mcusta Zanmai...

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  • Nesmuk. Who makes best chefs blades.

    We made this video during our visit to Nesmuk factory last summer.

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