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Mr.Tomohiro Hasegawa (Mcusta Zanmai) in store in Helsinki

Mr.Tomohiro Hasegawa - president of Marusho Industry Inc. in store in Helsinki. Interview about Mcusta Zanmai knives. MyGoodKnife is an official retailer of Mcusta Zanmai knives. In our stores you can buy Mcusta Zanmai knives with free shipping. Guide for interview with Mr. Tomohiro Hasegawa: 1. Mcusta – what does it mean? (00:38-01:26) 2. How many knives produces Mcusta? (01:29-02:02) 3. What steel Mcusta Zanmai knives are made of? (02:40-03:40) 4. Mcusta Zanmai kitchen knives: series differences, knives for home and professional use. (02:10-05:13) 5. What mean pins on handles of Mcusta knives? (05:25-05:45) 6. What knives president of Mcusta Knives uses himself? (05:48-06:47) 7. How to sharp Mcusta Zanmai knives? (06:50-07:15) 8. Who is designer of Mcusta folding knives? (07:18-08:24) 9. What inspires the creation of Mcusta folding knives? (08:22-09:25) 10. Is it bad luck to give a knife as a gift? (10:03-10:45)

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