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Kitchen knives Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu

High quality kitchen knives Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu now available. Chef knife 21 cm and Santoku are at stock. Winner of the 2016 Good Design Award, the Tanganryu series are for both professional chef and home cook, top line of Ryusen Hamono, having feature of hammered patterns. The mirror polished "Tsuchime" patterns are contrasted with the blasted Damascus patterns. The beautiful combination of whole hammered and layered pattern blade will make you enjoy cooking much more even by looking. The core of Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu blades is Cobalt VG-10 steel and 32-layered by stainless steel. Therefore the blade is super hard yet hard to get rust and the cutting edge is amazingly fine. The Rockwell hardness on these knives is around 60-62 HRC, for a durable edge. The handle is longer than the standard one, and is developed so that you can safely do fine slicing by holding it at the end closest to you, and you can also use it to chop by holding it in the middle. Ryusen Hamono Tanganryu kitchen knives are in beautiful black boxes. Ryusen Hamono was established in 1953 to produce kitchen knives in Fujiku, so-called “Echizen”, in Japan. The Echizen has around 700 year history of metal products. In recent years Ryusen Hamono has developed our own special processing technique for thermal treatment, blade polishing, press and welding in order to seek new possibilities for blades. Now, Ryusen has become one of the high-quality and excellent-desined knife manufacuturers in Japan. Their knives, for example, have been used by Japanese chefs at a cooking competition in France.

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