Finnish and Puukko Knives
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Finnish and Puukko Knives

Shop for traditional Finnish knives Puukko and Leuku at low prices. Knives Marttiini, Iisakki Järvenpää, Ahti, Paaso Puukot, Korpikannel, H.Roselli. A puukko is a small traditional Finnish belt knife with a single curving cutting edge and a flat back. The basic components of a puukko are a hilt and a blade along with a sheath, which can be attached to a belt. The blade is short, typically less than 100 mm, but could be longer. The Sami knife (Finnish: Lapinleuku or Leuku), is a large knife traditionally used by the Sami people. The Sami knife has a long, wide, and strong blade that is suited for light chopping tasks such as de-limbing, cutting small trees for shelter poles, brush clearing, bone breaking and butchering tasks, and is sometimes used as a substitute for an axe for chopping and splitting small amounts of firewood from standing dead trees- an essential ability when all dead and fallen wood is buried underneath many layers of snow. Typical Sami knives have a blade length ranging from 200 to 450 mm. The largest knives can be considered as machetes or short swords.

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