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New Legend in stock - Mikov knives!


Now you can buy Mikov knives in

Mikov, s.r.o. is a world-renowned traditional producer of office equipment, industrial staples of brand RON and wide portfolio of knives Mikov. The company is fully Czech-owned, and it is proud of its historical roots of honest craft. RON and Mikov brand awareness in Czechia and Slovakia, their network of sales representatives and long-term partnerships with dealers are of the same value as their long production tradition and knowledge of the craft. The company is also a top producer of staples, brads and pins for use in upholstery, joinery, carpentry and carton industry to be used by both mechanical and pneumatic guns.

You also can buy at Mygoodknife store the legend among pocket folding knives – the Rybička knife. The first fish-shaped knife was created a hundred years ago, and its wooden grips were replaced by metal grips. (Lämmin Tuuli Oy) is the official distributor of Mikov knives.