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Pchaks - best kitchen knives for meat

A lot of best kitchen knives for meat - uzbek pchak knives are available! Pchak is a traditional Uzbek and Uigur knife, widely used in Central Asia and other countries. Pchak has a unique and distinctive appearance and the shape of this knife has remained unchanged during all these years. As opposed to Uzbek masters, Uigur smiths craft a broader variety of these knives and use several traditional blade shapes. The standard Uzbek and Uigur Pchak with a curved blade (Kayik) and a straight butt (Tugri) are similar to each other and differ only in the handle and incrustation. Usually the broad blade of a pchak is forged from carbon steel. The blades of expensive Pchaks are decorated with traditional ornaments and the handles – with circle-shaped ornamentation, named “Kyoz” or “Chashmak” in Persian (which means “eye”). This handle ornamentation is made from nonferrous or precious metals, or from bone and mother-of-pearl pressed into the handle plate. Pchak is a household and everyday accessory, an ideal knife for home cooking. Carbon steel needs special care – you need to wash and wipe dry the knife right after it was used, otherwise the blade may quickly become rusty. If you are looking for best BBQ and meat knife - pchak is the best choice! Each pchak comes in a disposable sheath (using only like shipping cover).

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